How Much Should You Inflate Your Tyres?

feqrwf2Taking good care of your vehicle is important and that includes not just things like checking the oil and the transmission fluid or changing out the wipers, but also inflating the tyres and keeping them inflated at all times. But just how much should you inflate your tyres? The short answer is that it varies based on a number of different factors and of course finding the right tyres to buy depends on a whole lot more.

The Air in Your Tyres

If you’re trying to maintain your tyres it’s important to know just how much air, or pressure, needs to be in them. This is going to vary a little based on the size of the tyres you have and the brand as well. But, at the same time, there are some basic things that you can take a look at.

For a basic tyre on a typical vehicle you’ll need 32-35 pounds per square inch of air. When it comes to larger vehicles, like trucks, you may need up to 60 pounds per square inch. Keep in mind that your vehicle will have specific recommendations that are available in your owner’s manual. Common passenger tyres sizes are 205-55-r16 and 215-60-r16 tyres. Make sure you know the most popular brands as well, as these will be better for your family and vehicle needs.


With each of these brands you’re going to get high quality and you’ll be able to keep the air in them properly.


Steps to Changing your Tyre

• Find the jack and the spare tyre. Check the owner’s manual in case that you do not know where they are.
• While keeping pressure on the ground, begin to jack the car up.
• Use a lug wrench for loosening of the lug nuts by turning them anticlockwise.
• In order to be able to slip the tyre easily, finish jacking the car up. Ensure that the jack is stable.
• Put on the spare tyre and Place the lug nuts in the proper positions after putting on the spare tyre.
• Use your tyre wrench for tightening of the lug nuts a little by turning clockwise this time.
• Get your car back on all four wheels by lowering the jack fully.

Buying New Tyres at the Best Price

When it comes to buying tyres at the best price, you want to be sure that you aren’t paying a fortune for anything. Sure, good tyres are going to cost you a bit more. Great tyres are going to cost you even more than that. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive tyres that you see in order to get something that will work great for you. It means doing a little bit of research and your homework to find the right balance that’s available for you and the vehicle you want.


Tyres That Are Going to Last

Next, you want to make sure you have high quality tyres that are going to last for a long time. Buying from a reputable company is going to make sure of that. If you know who you’re buying from you’ll find that the tyres can be trusted to last a long time and that they can be relied on under any conditions, including rough roads (or no roads) and dramatic changes in weather conditions as well. That’s definitely going to create a type of longevity that you are always looking for.


If you’re looking for new tyres you want to make sure you’re getting some that you can rely on both to fit your vehicle and to last a long time while on your vehicle. Tyre companies can help you find the type of tyres that you need and where you can get them put on your vehicle, which is definitely going to help you enjoy driving your vehicle instead of spending a lot of time in the shop.

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