How Can A Traffic Accident Reconstruction Expert Help You With Your Case?

Traffic AccidentBefore I delve right into this topic with full gusto, I guess it’s necessary to explain a few of the basics first.

Like what is traffic accident reconstruction? What does a traffic reconstruction expert actually do? Right, now let’s see how many of those basic questions we can answer first before we go on to the main traffic.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction: A Basic Idea

A traffic accident reconstruction is a form of a scientific approach to solving various questions as to why and how an accident had occurred.

The reconstruction job is purely technical in nature and hence, an expert is needed to execute the entire job accordingly and effectively.

So what does a traffic accident reconstruction expert usually do?

A traffic accident reconstruction expert usually does the same things as done by a detective in crime. You would probably like to ignore all those fancy stuff you see on TV though. Remember, that’s fiction and this is reality.

Anyway let’s see how a traffic reconstruction expert actually works IN REALITY without further ado.

  • The expert visits the accident scene in person.
  • S/He assesses the damage done to the vehicles.
  • S/He reviews the medical records of casualties (if any).
  • S/He then goes ahead and receives police briefings and studies police report and make his/her own notes (according to the requirements).
  • Watching the crash surveillance footage (in case the police have one) comes next.
  • Interviewing survivors and witnesses is the immediate next step followed by a thorough detailed examination of victim photographs that are taken right after the accident.
  • A final study of debris, tyre skid marks and the final point of contact is done next. The final position of the vehicle after the point of contact is also noted down to get a good estimation of the speed of the vehicle right before the collision.
  • The entire data is brought back to the lab and is analyzed thoroughly and minutely from word to word and photographs to photographs. A simulation-based software is then used to reconstruct the entire accident in a simulation based environment. Based on all that, the reconstruction expert makes his/her final report that can be produced in court as a symbol of evidence.

When do you need a traffic accident reconstruction expert to help you out?

If you are the unfortunate victim of an accident and need to have a satisfactory settlement with your insurance company on account of any 3rd party driving negligence of any, hiring the service of a reconstruction expert is a definite good idea.

You can actually hire a reconstruction expert for your job especially when these things happen:

  • You fail to remember the origin of the crash.
  • There are only a handful number of witnesses. If there’s no witness, it almost goes without saying that hiring the service of an accident reconstruction expert is something more than a necessity.
  • The motor vehicles are disfigured as well as destroyed beyond recognition, let alone repair.
  • Crash liability has become too complicated to prove.
  • There’s an occurrence of a serious injury or even death.
  • Missing evidences.

How can the accident reconstruction expert help you out of these tricky situations?

If you want to reclaim any compensation based on the damages incurred, you need to prove the fact that the damage is done as a result of the negligence of the other party.

An accident reconstruction expert will do every possible thing under his/her her belt to make an honest review of the entire accident from scratch and present the entire report to you in the end that you can produce in court to bring the case in your favor.

The report would include things like:

  • Analysis of accidental risks on the spot.
  • Identification and recognition of actions that could’ve been taken avoid the accident. This might also include the identification of actions that could’ve been to alleviate the level of injuries and damage even if there was no scope of collision prevention.
  • Vehicle maintenance evaluation.
  • A simulation of the crash (This can come as a form of a 3D animated video or a sketch).
  • Analysis of passenger kinematics for explanation of any damage incurred due to sudden ejection at the point of contact.
  • Witness statements.

If the report looks right up to the mark from the victim point of view, it can significantly bring the case in your favor without any further hassle.

Always remember that a good accident reconstruction expert should judge everything from an unbiased point of view. So always take that thing into consideration before you go ahead and close the deal with one.

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