Getting Your Truck Ready To Sell

MAN-truckThere comes a time when all work trucks need to be replaced. You may have put it through hell and back, but someone else is probably looking for a vehicle just like yours. The job ahead of you now is to polish up the old work horse and get a good price on the sale.

Here we rundown the best way to easily sell your used commercial vehicle for a price that will make you happy.

Prepping Your Truck

  1. Bodywork-Like any reputable seller, ensuring that your product is clean and well prepped is the first order of business. Start by restoring any noticeable dents, dings, or cracks to like-new condition. Any reputable body shop can add thousands of dollars of value for hundreds of dollars of work. That first impression means everything, so make the investment to get your full return on the sale.
  2. Add the Sparkle-Now comes the polish and shine. Clean up your truck's exterior by washing, polishing, and waxing it to perfection. Paying a little bit more for auto detailing also helps ensure that you get the best value for your rig.
  3. Interior - We live in our trucks. Whether it's the job site or being a road warrior, our truck is the office, conference room, and sometimes bed, so don't make it look like a slob used to live there (even if one did). At a minimum, vacuum the interior and clean out the junk. Oil and coffee spills or torn upholstery might require a little more work, but it can make the difference between making a sale or not. A well cared for interior makes the buyer think the truck was properly maintained, so put in the extra effort.
  4. Mechanical - Have your trusted mechanic go over the vehicle from top to bottom. This will avoid any surprises when the buyer does the same thing. Don't give buyers any reason to doubt the thousands of miles of life that are still left in the truck.

Organizing all Documents

With the truck looking sharp, you are almost ready to get it listed and let the buyers flock to you. The last step is to compile all the information you have on the vehicle. Make, model, year and mileage are good starting points, but you also want to track down original manuals, registration, title, and a list of all scheduled maintenance.

Determining the Right Price

It is now time to determine the most appropriate price tag for your vehicle and get it listed. You've already spoken with a mechanic and body shop to assess the actual condition of your truck. Make a list of any remaining mechanical issues or visual flaws such as discoloration, dents, scratches, or chips that can pull down the value. Grab the information on any accident or repair history along with your periodic maintenance checkups. Now, you can go online and compare your truck's condition with similar vehicles sold near you. Combine your research with blue book values to determine an accurate competitive price for your truck.

Know Your Advertising Options

These days, selling a commercial vehicle car is easier and faster than ever, thanks to the ability to list your truck in many different formats. Everyone is familiar with the auto trading magazines in gas stations, but online venues like allow one time fees of $19.95 for permanent online listings (end of shameless plug - we're biased on the best way to sell, but really proud of what we do).

Start off by taking multiple interior and exterior shots of your truck. It can be a good idea to add photos of dents or chips so that your potential customers know exactly what they are buying. No used work truck is in mint condition, so being upfront with imperfections is a great way to build trust.

With the pictures taken care of, turn on your computer and create a list of various online advertising sites where you can publish. Keep in mind that when it comes to advertising, more is always better. Apart from running through different online sites, you should also consider your local paper's classified department or the auto selling magazines if you have the budget. They're usually limited to a short window of advertising, so may not be worth the extra expense.

Visit your Local Dealerships

Your mechanic or body shop can probably recommend reputable dealers within your city who know potential customers looking for your specific type of truck. Give them a call and see what kind of price they'll offer you versus selling directly online. If speed is your preference, this can be a great way to find a buyer fast (though you usually leave more money on the table).

This is our complete guide to selling a commercial vehicle for a good price. Follow each of the steps, and you will quickly find yourself talking to motivated buyers who need a truck just like yours.

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