From Cargo Hauling to Camping How Far Can a Cargo Trailer Go?

Trailers - Appendages, Vehicles, or Both?

cargo trailersFor first timers, a trailer is equipment that is attached to a vehicle like a car, bike, or truck and pulled behind. The trailer isn’t just a useless appendage. It has utility, off course! The trailer is either a three-walled (open) or four-walled (closed) equipment that encloses another vehicle like a bike or a car or commercial goods. Trailers aren’t just meant for commercial purposes; they have a range of personal uses too. Trailers are named so because they are attached behind, and they trail along behind the towing vehicle.

A cargo trailer can be used to haul cargo of any type. You can convert a cargo trailer into a trailer meant for camping purposes. Trailers can be converted into recreational vehicles for taking you to faraway locations for vacationing. It is a good idea to own a cargo vehicle even if you don't own a goods hauling business. Cargo trailers come handy when you think of moving your house along with a huge load of personal belongings, for camping, and for short-distance picnics. Such myriad are the uses of a cargo trailer. For equipment that has a lot of space and one that can be moved, what not is possible? Let your imagination run wild, cook up a chock-full of ideas, and try to convert them into practical applications. You will be amazed at the type of things you can actually accomplish with a cargo trailer.

Trailer Conversion Vacation Project

If you have too much time on your hands this summer, and you think a small practical project will be good for improving the dexterity of your hands as well as your mental acumen, undertaking a cargo trailer-building project is a good idea. A DIY Project named ‘Conversion of Cargo Trailer into a Camping Trailer' is an interesting one. You may also work to make the best use of a cargo trailer for personal purposes.

Here is an interesting video showing the conversion process.


Plan the Basics

Firstly, analyze your space needs. Determine how many people you want to house in a camping trailer. Moreover, on what terrains will you use this trailer? Will you station it for a long time at a certain point, or will it almost always be mobile? Are you going to use it for camping in forest areas, snowy mountains, water-filled damp regions, or dry, pleasant areas? Accordingly, you should decide on the number of axles to be used, number of brakes, type of machinery, and other technical factors. Even if you are not an engineer or your technical knowledge is far from good, don't worry. This is just a learning experience. And when you are doing it for creating a lovely vehicle for camping, you will definitely find yourself interested.

Get acquainted with the basics of trailer building though. Your ideas shouldn’t be so lofty or out of this world that you can't implement them in real world. The interior of a cargo trailer holds enough space to try out different things. Your experimental skills will find its maximum application on the inside of the trailer. You could build a cabinet, wardrobe, cozy bathroom, sexy dressing room, compact kitchen, and a mini lounge. All of this seems so illusory. But, that's very much feasible.

Trailer Framework

Choose a wooden or an aluminum frame. If you wish to camp in moist areas or areas likely to catch fire, prefer an aluminum frame for its light weight and its inability to catch fire unlike wood. Paint the exterior as well the interior with a pleasing color. I love white for its serenity. If you want around 2-3 rooms within the trailer like kitchen, lounge, and bathroom, make partitions that are sturdy and robust. I prefer to use sliding doors rather than doors with latches.

Trailer Interiors

My friend Maria is a novice interior designer, and she has gained most of her practical experience not by decorating people's homes but by decorating trailer interiors. I am not an interior designer, but I am definitely someone who's got a keen eye for aesthetics. And I do not like anyone dictating terms for me in terms of arranging my house or my trailer. So, I decide to do it for myself this time at least for my trailer. I don't have that much leeway at home due to my wife who dominates that area. 😉

I am almost halfway through my project and will put the finishing touches probably next week. It only takes around 15 days to finish the project even if you don't work full time and dedicate 2-3 hours daily.

In order to avoid stuffiness and make your trailer look spacious inside, use objects of smaller dimensions like a small cupboard, small dining table, mini sofa or lounge (enough for your size yet comfortable), and a small fireplace if possible for the much required warmth during winter months.

Camping Trailer Adventures

bbq trailer

It is definitely an adventure to light up firewood in the forest and gather around it for a vacation. But, some women like my wife display too much of a cowardice due to wild animals that could be roaming around. So, in such cases, we prefer to have a fireplace inside. But, that is just enough to warm our hands and seat two people at a time. Our kids can take rounds to warm themselves up.

You can also use the fireplace as a romantic chamber for a twosome conversation. You can play romantic music in the chamber while the rustle of the forest gets denser outside. My kids like to dabble into photography during nighttime. Now, that's risky yet enigmatic. We have bought a special camera to trap the evasive photos of ghostly beings. I'm not sure that works, but my kids are going to try it this time. While this can be really dangerous, adventure knows no fears. We are an adventurous family except for my less courageous wife. But, my wife's a great cook, and she's an expert at barbeque. So, we are going to have a real feast during our trailer stay.

Another option is to have a tiny kitchen that can provide for a candle-light dinner at night a midst the forest. Well, you don't have to wait for long for darkness to appear like in urban areas, where there is a lot of light from your own home, neighborhood, and city lights, off course. Just wait for the sun to set; when the dusk is over and the night takes over, prepare your meals and after a while, you are all set for the dream dinner date. This is especially good when you are a young couple in love. A dinner date lost in the wilderness and in the middle of the nature. You may have a wild touch to the date when you hear the sounds of wild animals giving out their nighttime growl. Ouch! That's so scary.

Such experiences are really memorable; going to a spa or a swanky resort to spend your vacation is what most people do. But, this is something different and worth trying. It's scary but not dangerous. Note that you will be inside a trailer that you can safely lock up. No wild animal can pounce open the door. And if it tries, you always have the option of fleeing away by driving the trailer to a safer area.

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