Factors that Lend Hyundai I20 a Class of its Own

Hyundai i20 has won the award of "Indian Car of Year 2015" as it has received laurels from both customers and critics. The Hyundai i20 features the Fluid Sculpture 2.o design philosophy along with 3 key design elements: the modern appeal, premium exteriors and fluid aesthetics lending it a class of its own. Built on the all new platform which meets the modern global standards- the Hyundai i20 is now more up market and even bigger, rivaling lots of midsized sedans for space, road presence and equipments. The hatchback is very spacious, well equipped and its light controls make the hatchback easier to drive. It has great performance, is much more efficient and is incredibly refined as well, making it an ideal choice for every day motoring. So, let's look under the hood to find the factors that lend Hyundai i20 a class of its own.



The new Hyundai i20 has a sophisticated and high class exterior appearance along with refined outfits. Its latest design version dubbed as "Fluid design 2.0" isn't as swoopy as its previous version and now it gets cleaner lines and milder creases. The toned down yet sharply cut style, designed mainly for European taste, works very well and offers a freshness which makes it look modern. The overall appearance of the new Hyundai i20 is something which represents its new design language that is adapted by Hyundai.


Coming to its internal cabin, the new Hyundai i20 comes with an attractive black and beige color scheme. It's emphasized further with by metallic inserts on door handles and parking level tip. Many changes are made to its interiors, mainly to door panels and cockpit section. The steering wheel also has been refined. Moreover, the mid range and higher variants feature leather wrapped steering wheel. The car makers have installed many important aspects such as drink holders, front center armrest, different storage spaces, etc to give it a classy look. All the more, the new Hyundai i20 is bestowed with many sophisticated comfort features, making it a great competitor in this particular segment.


Under the hood, you will find that the hatchback is perkier when it comes to pickup and acceleration. The car's petrol engine is coupled with 6-speed manual transmission gearbox, enabling the car to breach 100Kmph speed in just 15-16 seconds. It also has the ability to attain a high speed of 140-145 kmph. Thumb the engine's start button and it is remarkable to find how silently the oil burner ideal. In addition, the clutch is lighter and gearbox also doesn't take much effort.

Safety and Handling

This premium car comes with very proficient braking system, in which the front wheels have the disc brakes and rear wheels have drum brakes. To provide you with a skid-free experience, the braking mechanism is assisted with anti locking braking systems. This hatchback is also bestowed with motor driven electrical power steering system that s very responsive and can be handled easily. To protect the vehicle and passengers, the car makers have included many high tech features like central locking, key less entry, driver airbag, front fog lamps, passenger airbag, rear camera, etc. in its different variants.

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In this department, bad numbers can break the car no matter how good it is. But Hyundai i20 does not need to worry about this. Both diesel and petrol versions are very fuel efficient seeing the car's size. Its petrol engine managed 15.2 kpl and 11.5 kpl on the highway and city respectively, while its diesel version sipped one liter only for every 19.5km and 13.8 km on the highway and in the city respectively.


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