Experiencing the Truth: Why you Should Consider Buying Your Next Car Online


Buying a car before you’ve had a test drive isn’t normally how the process goes. Pattie from Arizona decided it was worth taking a chance when it came to finding her dream car. She was kind enough to share her amazingly positive experience with us in a short interview:

Q: What prompted your car search and how long did you search?

A: I have been in the market for a car since October. We were in the buyback program for the VW diesel cars.

Q: Why did you want to buy a car from another state?

A: I had been doing quite a bit of research and finally found my dream car on [one of the popular car search sites]. The only problem was that my dream car was in another state. I brought up the proposal about buying a car in another state to my husband and he was totally, I mean TOTALLY, against it.

Q: What was your husband’s objection to it?

A: He had a client that ordered a [luxury vehicle] from another state and the car never showed up. He was very upset with my decision but he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

Q: What was your process for buying a car?

A: The first thing I did was to investigate the dealership where I was purchasing the car. I looked at different areas on the internet. My husband wanted to know how I knew this dealership even existed. I actually called Woodlands BMW in Katy, TX because our daughter bought a car there a few years ago. They verified that yes, they did exist. I also looked up reviews of the salesman that I had been dealing with. This all checked out.

Q: Then how did you figure out shipping for your car?

A: I first looked for top (auto) shippers. I came up with a few names. I selected one but when I actually started to go to different places on the internet I was warned that this company loaded up their review pages with phony reviews. I then went to Google “Top Rated Car Shippers” and Executive was one on the list. I searched through all of their reviews and they looked great. They were also highly recommended by [one of the popular rating sites]. I also contacted a company that was down the street from their company headquarters. The lady I spoke to verified that yes, there was an actually a company up the street from them and it was (Executive Auto Shippers).

Q: What was your experience with Executive then?

A: I contacted Melissa and she was wonderful. She was very informative and easy to follow. She let me know the specifics in an easy to understand format. I contacted Executive the day I wired my money to the dealership which was on Friday. Executive immediately told me the pick up window I would be looking at. By Monday the car was picked up and I was told it would arrive by Thursday. They electronically sent me some documents to sign, very easy, and things were ready to go.

Q: And what about the carrier?

A: I contacted the driver and he gave me some information about when my car would arrive. Ken, the driver, contacted us when he was outside of Tucson and we agreed to meet at a close by shopping center. He would have met me anywhere but I felt this was a better place because we have a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood.

Q: Did you encounter any surprises?

A: I drove up and was surprised at what I saw. My car came in an enclosed truck (she was scheduled with an open carrier, and enclosed carriers are usually more expensive). I asked Ken how did that happen and he told me that he had an extra opening so he picked up my car at no extra cost. I was in disbelief. They unloaded my car and my husband was shocked as well. The car was in beautiful shape and everything went great.

Q: What’s your advice to anyone who may be considering buying and shipping acar from another state?

A: I think everyone should do their homework before they attempt something like this. I think if you really investigate places everything will be fine. I have investigated Executive Auto Shippers and they are who they say they are. You will not be disappointed in their company or service. Pattie finished by saying that she had a such a great experience and would recommend Executive Auto Shippers and to anyone. She said she hopes that her story helps anyone who is nervous about buying and shipping a car sight unseen make the right decision.

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