Electric vs. Gas-Powered Racing Go Karts

go-kartThere has always been a debate between electric vs. gas-powered vehicles. One group will always say the other is better for a variety of reasons. Well, I've heard all the debates between both sides and want you to choose for yourself based on the information I've collected. Which one do you think is better, electric or gas-powered racing go karts?

Electric Racing Go Karts

These go karts are newer to the racing scene, but started to get a huge following because of the unique benefits of an electric motor. Electric go karts are much more "green" friendly in comparison to their gas counterparts; they produce zero emissions since there is no combustion happening to drive the go kart. Added to that, these go karts give instant power when you slam on the pedal; this is beneficial for tracks that many turns and apexes since acceleration is king when exiting a turn.

Another benefit of having an electric go kart is their low maintenance needs since they have less moving parts. Most of the time you just check to make sure the battery is charged and holding that charge.

However, with the list of benefits, there is a list of drawbacks that inhibit the electric go kart from replacing gas go karts.

The huge drawback of the electric go kart is their initial purchase price and their downtime between recharging. Initial prices for electric go karts can be up to twice the cost of a gas go kart this is discouraging for many people since gas go karts have been proven to be fine vehicles people can use to race. The downtime between races is a tough sell to win people over since most of the time when you're out on the track you don't want to wait 30 to 45 minutes for the battery to recharge.

Gas Racing Go Karts

These are the go karts many of you are familiar with while growing up. There's something about racing in a gas go kart that makes you feel like you're in one of the Formula One race cars. The sound of the engine switching gears and the smell of gasoline is something you cannot replicate with an electric go kart and is something many people love when they are on the track.

Benefit of a gas go kart is the price point entry; you can purchase a racing go kart for as little as $1,400, while its electric counterpart starts at twice to three times the cost. Another huge benefit is the speed you can obtain and maintain with a gas-powered go kart, there's nothing like zooming past someone and not worrying that you're spending too much energy going full speed.

Finally, time on the track is what makes the appeal to have a gas-powered go kart over an electric one. You just have to keep gas in the tank and it will keep running, compared to stopping and waiting 30 to 45 minutes for the batteries to recharge on an electric go kart.

Now here are the shortcomings of gas-powered go karts that prompted the shift towards electric go karts:

The amount of pollution these little vehicles output on a scale compared to your normal everyday vehicle is about two to three times the amount that should be coming out of these little engines. Added to that, the burning gas fumes can pose a health risk for some drivers exposed to it for a prolonged period of time. Also, these fumes make it impossible for gas-powered indoor race tracks.

Repair time and cost is a burden because of the amount of moving parts associated with gas-powered engines. It can take you a whole day to figure out what's wrong while your electric counterpart could just swap out a new battery and solve their problem.

We've show the top comments most people have when discussing between an electric vs. gas-powered go kart. Depending on your needs and your racing style, one of the types will be perfect for you. The information provided should help you make the right choice that you'll be happy with.

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