Electric Cars and Major Challenges for Auto Manufacturers

Electric CarThe auto industry studies are showing that electric cars will show increase in their overall sales volume in future. This rise in sale is expected due to several reasons. Most importantly, there are many efforts that are being made at government level, and auto-manufacturing companies are also spending on research and development to improve their quality.

There are some advantages of electric cars. They are highly fuel efficient, keep the environment clean etc. However, critics argue that there are several reasons that may not let the sales of these cars increase. The major problems are listed below:


Many of the auto users are aware of the cost factor of electric vehicles. The long-term cost of electric car is low but the initial fixed cost is very high. This cost makes it unaffordable for many of the consumers. Many experts believe that evolution of battery cell will result in decrease in overall cost. Many companies have predicted that the batteries cost will decline in future. One practical example comes of Ford Fusion electric. Ford reduced nearly $6000 in their latest electric car as compared to previous year model.

Required infrastructure

Imagine you are going a long drive and suddenly, the electric charging ends in the middle of the road. This can be the most deadly moment for you. The infrastructure issue is also one of the strong hurdles for electric car growth. This is not necessary for small car, but the trucks and auto carriers that only are intended for long routes, they also need proper charging system. Some developed countries are working on developing the infrastructure for their people. Such initiatives are taken in London, Berlin and Rome. European countries are becoming highly concerned about decreasing the environmental pollution in their cities.

The failure to develop proper infrastructure will result in fear among consumers to use it for long distances. Presently, the charging the companies offer is only limited to garage or office where there are proper energy supply sources. Another important aspect of recharging is a universal system. It was initially felt that recharging systems usually varied from countries to countries. This can also create problems for consumers. It requires public regulations on which all the countries are together.

Other green technologies

It should be kept in consideration that electric cars are not the only green solutions for emission free transportation facility. There are many other technologies including hybrid, plug in-hybrid, hydrogen, bio fuel etc that are showing improvements in technology. Some of the states in US are working to promote hydrogen cars and developing proper infrastructure. While on the other hand, many countries are working to promote other technologies as well. Therefore, this parallel development is not less than competition for the green technologies.

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