Considerations to Make When Buying a Pre-Owned BMW

used-bmwBuying a pre-owned BMW is an effective way to get a quality car at a reasonable price. However, make sure that you buy a car in top condition. There is a variety of basic tips to consider when buying a pre-owned car. They enable you to make an informed decision and acquire a good quality car. Big Motoring World offers a wide range of pre-owned BMWs. They include BMW X5, the Z4, BMW 5 Series and the 3 Series.

Paint and Finish

The paintwork should consistently cover the entire vehicle, maintaining the same shade throughout. Inconsistent paintwork gives a strong impression that the BMW has sustained significant damage-that it has been repainted and repaired. Pre-owned BMWs at Big Motoring World have a clear-coat finish.


Inspect the bodywork for conspicuous inconsistencies or signs of damage before committing to buying a pre-owned BMW. Carefully inspect the exterior of the car to identify any signs of wear and tear that are incongruent with the age of the car. Most pre-owned BMWs have some signs of minor wear on the bodywork.


It's very important to check the mileage when buying a pre-owned BMW. Pre-owned BMWs with excessive mileage are susceptible to breakdown. This may lead to costly repair bills. Big Motoring World specialists urge shoppers to do what they can to ensure the odometer reading is valid. Compare the current reading on the odometer against service records and any other available paperwork. The mileage on the odometer should tally with the age and general condition of the car. Cars with low mileage should have limited signs of wear on the pedals, steering wheel and gearshift.


Inspect the edges of all the panels on the car, including door and wing panels. The size of the small gaps between panels should uniform. BMWs with varying gap sizes between the panels have likely undergone considerable repairs. Also, inconsistent gaps between the panels also suggest use of older BMW panels or third party panels, instead of replacement BMW panels that match the model.

Check the Tires

Examine the tires of the pre-owned BMW to ensure that they are in mint condition, with plenty of allowance for wear. Good tyre treads shouldn't be bald or approach baldness. To examine treads, put a shiny thread into the centre of the tread. If the copper above the head or the top of the head are clearly visible, the tread has excessive wear. Alternatively, you can have specialists at Big Motoring World check the treads with a tread depth gauge.

Look Under the Hood

Be sure to look under the hood, before making the final decision to buy a pre-owned BMW. Carry out a brief examination, checking for corrosion, pitting and rust. The engine should be oil-free. The presence of a lot of oil lying around or on the engine suggests an impending mechanical failure or the presence of a leak. Inspect belts and hoses to ascertain they are in top condition, with no splits or cracking. Inspect the engine block for dark oil-stains.

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