Common Causes of Delays in Car Transporting

While car delays do not happen too often, some delays are inevitable, with auto transport companies working round the clock to fix them. Due to variables such as weather incidences, clients need to brace themselves for scheduling changes. Below are some factors that may affect the delivery of your vehicle.


As previously stated, weather incidences can cause issues with delivery. While numerous roads in the country are open year-round, some seasons present more challenges than others. Events such as snowfalls, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes could be a hindrance when you need urgent Arizona to Florida auto transport delivery. For safety purposes, drivers are required to keep a slow pace on the road due to reduced visibility, which could result in accidents.

Mechanical Issues

While numerous mechanical issues are easy to spot and rectify beforehand, not all are diagnosed in time. This means that malfunctions that develop on the road will typically cause delays, most notably electrical faults in your delivery truck. These can take a few days to resolve, increasing your delivery time. Fortunately, numerous transport companies have backup trucks to mitigate such a problem, allowing you to reduce time wastage for your pick-up.


Traffic is the most common cause of delays, with peak-hour jams and road incidences likely to cause issues with regular scheduling. If your transport providers encounter problems such as breakdowns, vehicle crashes, or debris during their commute, these will reduce traffic flow, resulting in new pick-up times. Additionally, fires in nearby buildings can cause backups in travel flow, throwing off pick-up schedules.

Delivery Location

The location of your delivery also matters, with in-state deliveries resulting in less time on the road, unlike cross-country deliveries. If you live in rural or hard-to-reach areas, consider increasing your delivery time to allow your auto transport driver to navigate the place easily. Alternatively, if you are hard-pressed for time, picking a central location for pick-up will be better, with a more strategic meet-up time saving on cost and time for the parties involved.

Customer Delays

Occasionally, customers may arrive late with their car, affecting other deliveries. If this happens, customers scheduled for later time slots bear the brunt of this mistake, making it challenging to keep up with previously scheduled times. Other clients may not show up, delaying the shipping for others using the same carrier.

The Number of Stops

Auto transport services will often utilize trucks that ship multiple cars to customers within the same region. If your driver has numerous stops before your destination, you may experience longer shipping hours. If other customers delay their pick-up times, your delay will likely be longer, causing a reschedule for your pick-up.


Generally, construction peaks during the summer months, a season that also sees an increment in auto transport. If your delivery is scheduled for this time, chances are you may experience delays in your shipping. Detours and backed-up traffic are expected this season, increasing your driver’s time on the road.

Public Holidays

If your delivery coincides with public holidays, you will experience delays, with transport companies and customers utilizing this time to stay home or visit loved ones. Customers interested in keeping with their agreed delivery times may have to pay additional fees for their shipping during the holidays. Consider scheduling your auto transport before or after public holidays to avoid these delays.

On-time delivery will be one of the factors that customers prioritize, with delays likely to affect your rating. While auto transport companies try to limit such inconveniences, some will be inevitable, calling for new plans. A few inconveniences to be on the lookout for are traffic, weather incidents, and the number of stops. Additionally, transporting your car may encounter delays when delivery falls on public holidays and when delivery locations are across the country. Even with this, your auto transport company ensures these are mitigated quickly, allowing customer needs to be met on time.

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