Common Causes of Car Overheating

car-overheatingCar overheating is a common problem of every car driver. If you drive or own a car, you must have experienced this problem not once, but many times. If you are experiencing your car getting heated up again and again in the past some time, then it’s time you pay serious attention to this problem. There are number of reasons or causes for such thing to happen. In this post, we will discuss some common causes of car overheating and ways to handle them.

Causes Of Car Overheating

It is important to understand the symptoms of a problem before you start the treatment. The same rule applies in this situation also. If you pay attention to the root of the problem, you will be able to take better decisions concerning repair and replacements. Here is a list of 5 most common problems of car overheating.

Low Coolant Level
Coolant plays an important role in maintaining temperature of the engine, especially during very hot weather. Thus, it is always advised to get the coolant level checked and refilled every 2 months. You can do this yourself at home too. Simply remove the radiator cap and check the fluid levels. Make sure the car is cool while you’re doing this.

Leakage In The Engine Cooling System
When was the last time you got your car serviced? Or should we ask when was the last time when you got your cooling system checked and serviced? It is important to keep a regular check on your car engine’s cooling system to avoid overheating that can even lead to fire in some cases. Many time radiator or heater develops pin holes that cause leakage of cooling system. Likewise, the core of the radiator can also weaken due to wear and tear. If your car is more than 5 year old, then you should get such things checked every 3 months to ensure better condition of elements.

Bad Thermostat
Thermostat acts like a plug in the cooling system of your car and resist the circulation of antifreeze through the radiator to cool down. In such a situation, the thermostat fails to open. If you don’t find any kind of leakage or bad water pump, it is wise to blame the thermostat for overheating.

Bad Water Pump
This can be another major reason for car overheating. When the water pump in your car is in the bad shape, it can resist the movement of coolant in the engine, thus causing overheating. If you hear a squeaking sound from your engine, you know you don’t have much time in hand. You should get your water pump fixed as soon as possible before it starts getting worse. Another reason for bad water pump can be the leakage from weep hole signifying failure of internal seal.

Clogged Radiator
Do you own an old high mileage car? Well, this can be the major reason for your car overheating. Although, this problem can cause trouble to any car owner but it is most common among people with old cars. There can be many reasons for clogged radiator such as oxidation, sludge or scale. You can get this problem fixed by replacing the radiator with good quality radiator flush in the cooling system.

How To Handle An Overheating Car

The first step to prevent car overheating is to make sure that you don’t use it unless you get it checked and fixed by a good mechanic. It is advised to get your car serviced by a reputed service company once in every 6 months. Like your dentals, even your car needs a good checkup to ensure that it is able to give you hassle free driving experience.

Second, if your car overheats in the midway, stop it as soon as possible. You don’t want to get yourself stranded in the middle of the road and pay heavy tickets. Look for a safe corner to park your car. Turn off the engine immediately if you don’t have the water. Pour water on the radiator while keeping the engine working prevents rapid cooling. Make sure you don’t completely take off the radiator cap as it can cause hot water rush and burn your skin. Check the thermostat as well. Make sure its open and allowing free flow of coolant. If leakage is the problem, find a way to fix it before all the coolant is wasted.

If you think the problem is with the fan, do not even try to fix it yourself. They are designed to work automatically and have the tendency to cause accidents. If you are living in Los Angeles and you are not a pro in such things it is always advised to call for a local mechanic to get the car checked and if still the car is not in working condition then you can call Hawk Towing for getting your car towed as soon as possible. Finding an effective solution will solely depend on the problem itself. So, make sure you know the root problem well before you get your hands into it!

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