Car technology is getting more and more important – What to look for in a car?

f4g4gThe world seems to be an oyster when you shop for a new car. Each and every vehicle which is created by the automakers is available for you to check. For meeting the big family trips, you can get a fully-loaded minivan and if you want your mid-life toy, you can get a sleek new sports car. But regardless of your choice, the sky is always the limit. With the several models like sports cars, sedans, SUVs and trucks on the market presently, it depends on you to choose the best kind of vehicle which caters to all your needs.

This entire process may sound tricky but it isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Once you know the vehicle’s size which you look for, you should do enough research to determine the one which you would like to take for test drive.

People are choosing tech over brand

As per a recent study, they looked at different aspects of car buying and technology and the study found out that technology is now more vital than brand for majority of the car buyers. More than 65% of the millennial car buyers and more than 45% of the baby boomers reported that they switched their car brands just because they wanted to reap the benefits of new technology which they wanted. These figures are indeed impressive as they clearly show how simple it is for car dealers to lose sales in case they are not able to provide the buyers with the technology that they want.

Is it worth the cost?

Studies also revealed that shoppers are extremely willing to pay more just to reap the benefits of tech features which they want. The average shopper was willing to pay $2439 for the latest tech features, while an average millennial would be ready to pay even more an amount. More than 35% of the drivers said that they would instantly surrender a car which doesn’t have the required tech features which are necessary for driving a car. Instead of that, they would be free to use an altogether different vehicle.


Some features which attract buyers

Automakers usually offer all features which are imaginable on the newest model cars. While some make your car extremely comfortable, there are some others which make it safer and more attractive. Here are few features that seem to interest prospective buyers.

  • Backup cameras: The backup cameras are extremely useful gadgets if you think you have to drive to some place where you may have to squeeze into small space at the busiest parks. This technology is becoming more and more advanced. The back-up cameras features a 360-degree area around your car and warns you in case you’re close to hitting something.
  • Remote entry: Remote entry has indeed come a long way in the last few years and almost every model has remote keys where you can unlock the car by just approaching the car with the key that is there inside your pocket. You just have to wave your foot and the door will open for you.
  • In-car navigation: They are touch screens which may look cool but it is more important than just a sales gimmick. There are 3 reasons behind installing a navigation system, you had to get one as a back-up camera, you had to get one in order to get a sunroof and you bought a luxury model which has an in-built navigation standard.


Therefore, if you’re thinking of buying a car with the latest features, you can use websites like Compare Em Casa where you can compare the prices of cars before taking the final decision of buying it. Also get the right insurance coverage so that you can protect yourself from any road accident which you may face while driving on road.

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