Blind Spot Safety: A Few Things to Know

Let’s be honest. Blind spots are called “blind” for a reason. You, as a driver, ought to know this more than anything else, in general. But in case you don’t, we will try and introduce this basic driving sense to you for your own (as well as others’) driving safety. So pay attention as carefully as possible.

Believe it or not, there is always a spot on a driver’s radar that always goes undetected, no matter how experienced and safe the driver is. Such a place is known as a blind spot. Here’s a small diagrammatic representation for your reference.

Blind spot

Blind spots pose a significant threat to cyclists, pedestrians, cars, and various other road users because of the simple fact that these areas are outside the range of a driver’s vision. So how can we convert this problem into a part of our solution? Let’s see.

Blind spot safety tips for drivers

Blind spots are mostly as likely to affect drivers in a stationary position as the ones who are moving. In both cases, it is essential that you exercise enough caution behind the wheels for your own driving safety.

Right, now let’s have a look at a few safety measures to keep the odds of a blind spot accident low in the best possible manner.



a) Look into your mirror and check for activity behind you. Then look over your right shoulder as carefully as possible before taking off. You may consider winding down the window for a better view.

b) Some vehicles come with an assistive technology that acts as some sort of a reverse-assist alarm. These devices can help to reduce blind spots for good, but they aren’t flawless and would definitely not remove them entirely for good. But still, use them for your safety. Anything’s better than nothing.



a) While you are on the move, your blind spots are there on either side of your vehicle. Do not look around to check them out because that will take your focus off the road and can simultaneously increase the odds of a catastrophic accident for the worst. Defensive driving is the only thing that can help you out in such circumstances.

b) Don’t forget to take a quick sideways glance before:

– changing lanes;

– joining a motorway;

– taking a U-turn.

c) Finally, you should also recognize blind spots of other vehicles and avoid being in them longer than what’s necessary.

Blind spot safety tips for pedestrians

safety tips for pedestrians

  • Avoid being in a vehicle’s blind spot. It’s mighty important for you to maintain this thumb rule especially when large vehicles are concerned of the lot like trucks and buses.
  • Try to make an eye contact with the driver. Otherwise, assume that the driver hasn’t seen you. Take necessary precautions immediately after that.
  • Pay close attention to the signal lights at the turn.
  • Wear bright clothing in dark areas for maximum safety.
  • And try not to cross roads behind a vehicle because it could back up without noticing your presence.

Blind spot safety tips for cyclists

safety tips for cyclists

  • Avoid being in blind spots of large vehicles, especially trucks and buses.
  • Never try and overtake a vehicle on its right near an intersection.
  • Pay particular attention to a vehicle’s “turn signal lights.”
  • Be visible. Wear reflective strips or bright clothing for your safety.

Blind spot safety tips for heavy vehicle drivers

heavy vehicle drivers

  • Always be mindful of people around your vehicle, especially when you are approaching urban intersections.
  • Try to anticipate the movement of people around your vehicle and take necessary precautions on the basis of the same.
  • DO NOT ever assume this fact that others can presume your vehicle maneuvers.
  • Ensure that your rear view mirrors are in a good working condition, and are clear and properly adjusted for the drive.
  • Always use turn signal lights at intersection points to make your intentions known.
  • And finally, keep distractions down inside your vehicle. A small step like this can go a long way indeed.

So that essentially sums up this article for now. Hope the safety tips mentioned above come in handy for you. Goodbye and good luck!

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