Benefits of Buying Used or Pre-Owned Cars from Car Dealers

used-carAre you interested in buying a certified pre-owned or used car from a car dealership, but you're not sure of the difference between the two? To help you make a more informed decision, let us set the facts straight.

Certified Pre-owned vehicle

A certified pre-owned car is, in fact, a type of used car, but it is a fairly late model (usually less than 5 years old) which endures a rigorous inspection process. A vehicle can either be certified through the manufacturer or through a dealership. A manufacturer's certification is more trustworthy and is used on a national level. Manufacturer certified vehicles also go through more testing and often times offer benefits, such as extended warranties, loaner vehicles and roadside assistance.

Most car dealers keep their current inventory updated on their website. The site should clarify which cars are certified pre-owned and which are not. If you feel like you need more information, contact the dealership.

Overall Benefits of Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

  • Have already been hit with the largest amount of depreciation
  • Less expensive than buying new
  • Offer roadside assistance that lasts the life of the extended warranty
  • Rigorous inspection and reconditioning process
  • Peace of mind that vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by manufacturer

Used Cars

It is not rocket science to figure out what a "used car" is. So why would people choose just a regular used car over a certified pre-owned vehicle? Used cars are often sold with extended warranties similar to certified pre-owned vehicles. However, CPOs are more expensive and are fairly late models.

If you choose to purchase a basic used car be sure to get the car's VIN number and run a vehicle history report to ensure you avoid purchasing a lemon. The vehicle history report will tell you about any accidents, how many owners the vehicle has had and more. It is also wise to ask your family members, friends or coworkers, who have experience with a particular dealership, for any feedback they may have.

Overall Benefits of Used Cars

  • Lower registration fees
  • Lower price of vehicle
  • No unnecessary or useless extra features
  • Cheaper insurance

In the end, choosing a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle or a basic used car will mostly depend upon how much you are willing to spend and your need for peace of mind. So weigh the advantages and disadvantages that cater best to your needs, when deciding which vehicle to purchase.

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