Basic Etiquettes of Driving for a Newbie

Congratulations on getting your learner’s license approved and also for being eligible to drive a four-wheeler now. Before you move ahead to drive your car without anybody’s help, there is a lot you should know about the positive and bad things about driving and also be aware of, while driving a car on your own. During your driving classes, you must have been taught about all the outer rules and regulations of traffic by your tutor.

He must have warned you about all the illegal moves that you may make unknowingly. But, other than these basic laws of traffic there exists a long list of unwritten and unmentioned etiquettes of driving all from the perception of safety and security of both the driver and the other people on and beside the roads.

1. The condition of your car

The most prior etiquette which tops the list in concern about driving a car is the condition of your car. Before taking out your car to drive on road, you must go through a check if your car is in a state to be driven on the roads or not.

Also, you should understand whether your car needs any kind of repairs or maintenance or services before driving it out. If it does require any sort of watching, you shall make your car undergo all the necessary changes for the safety of all.

2. Wear your seat belt

Another significant remark as per the manual for safe driving is wearing the seat belts. Wearing your seatbelt while driving is a very major highlight which shall be followed by not just the driver but by everyone else seated inside the car. Use of seat belt ensures you utmost safety if you get engaged in an accident or anything dangerous, unfortunately.

Wearing your seat belt is not only an important driving etiquette but also a vital law which shall be followed persistently. Also, never forget to use the indicators while driving to avoid crashes. Signaling your next move is always a good consideration while driving.

3. Don’t use your mobile phones

Alright !!! I agree our smartphones are more sort of a companion to us other than just being a helpful gadget. But statistics say that lakhs of people in the world die every day because of road accident and almost half of them have been recorded to happen due to the carelessness showed while driving for using their mobile phones.

A substitute of the mobile phone while driving a car is either a Bluetooth device or a Bluetooth connection of your phone with your car ( in case of urgency and emergency, otherwise ignore these as well for better precautions).

4. Drink and drive

Drinking and driving share an eternal relationship since forever. No matter how much you speak or advise people to not mix them, people usually prefer to have a blend of it for themselves which proves out to be something serious and dangerous more oftentimes.

As much as the records talk about our smartphones being responsible for the road accidents, so does the drink and drive cases. Ignore driving when you drink, in fact, refrain yourself from driving a car during such a situation for your own safety and for other’s as well.

5. Always have an emergency kit

No matter how much we take care of point number 1, some situations are just not in our hands to take care of. Therefore, to avoid any kind of technical disbalance in your car while driving, the trunk of your car must always have an emergency kit ready to avoid any such situation. A tire getting punctured being the most common of all. This emergency kit must involve a first aid box as well alongside all the required tools and equipment to cope up with the suddenness.

6. Some more basics

Driving a car requires your full attention, therefore, do not get distracted by anything. Follow and be obedient towards all the traffic rules. Always make way for emergencies like ambulance service and fire alarms. Drive slowly and with sanity when you have a school bus or school van around you on the road.

Don’t try to exceed the speed limit, also, maintain a distance between your car the vehicle ahead of you. Take care of the people from your driving tactics; not just the ones inside your car but outside as well, especially the ones on pavements and zebra crossings. Do not overtake any other vehicle and never race while driving, specifically in crowded areas.

A safe driver is a smart driver. Therefore, don’t rush yourself to become a perfectionist in an early stage. Good things take time, let your driving skills be one of them. Be a safe and secure driver of your car along with your and other’s life.


If you have any questions, please ask below!