Automotive Glass Industry Is Bracing For A Major Change

Over the years, vehicles have gone through a major transformation. They’ve become much more reliable and affordable than ever before. They’ve also managed to become safer for the consumer. Due to governmental standards and requirements, vehicle manufacturers have been forced to ensure their vehicles are capable of withstanding an automobile accident. One thing that has remained the same is automotive glass, but that isn’t likely to last for long. Several big names have begun preparing for enhances to automotive glass and Tesla is just one of the key players. Below, you will discover more about the major changes preparing to revolutionize the automotive glass industry.



The solar vehicle manufacturer, Telsa, has always been at the forefront of innovation. They’re consistently recognized for their automated vehicles, but this isn’t the only change they’ve implemented. The company just recently created a new glass technology division, which they’ve named Tesla Glass. The brand-new Tesla Glass tile has already attracted an abundance of attention when it was introduced in the form of a solar roof panel. According to company head Elon Musk, the new technology could be implemented into the company’s upcoming Model 3 vehicle.

At this point in time, the details are scarce. However, it is important to remember that solar glass tiles often utilize heating elements, which may be able to clear snow from the driver’s windshield. And of course, the glass would make it possible for the vehicle to continue generating energy while it sits idle.

A Growing Industry

During the past few years, the automotive glass market has continued to swell. This is unlikely to change over the coming years. In fact, analysts expect the automotive glass market to bring in more than 25.50 billion dollars by the year 2022. These experts sincerely believe that automobile glass will continue to evolve and will grow in demand. According to, the growth will be brought about for two major reasons. First and foremost, automobile sales and production are expected to grow in the coming years. This will play a paramount role in increasing the need for more glass.

Also, glass is being utilized more and more in passenger cars. If this trend continues, it will also increase the demand for automotive glass. Nonetheless, there are a few factors that may slow the growth of the market. Manufacturers inability to create a balance between thickness and strength will require additional research and innovation. At the same time, the enormous cost of smart glass will make it unsuitable for the mass majority of consumers. Nonetheless, the automotive glass market will continue to grow well into the year 2020.

Nantucket Will Be Introduced To Cape And Islands Glass

The Nantucket, Massachusetts market has been lacking for many years. Local residents have been forced to travel elsewhere in order to get their vehicle’s glass replaced and that has proven to be very problematic and very costly. Just recently, a new company has decided to move to the area. Cape and Islands Glass has entered into partnerships with Jeep and Don Allen Ford to begin providing their automotive glass services to the residents on the island of Nantucket. The company intends to provide local customers with the lowest cost service possible within a timely fashion. The company has been in business for over 15 years and they sincerely believe they’ll be able to satisfy their new clientele!

New Car Window Shade Launch

Many parents that tend to do a lot of traveling always rely on window shades to keep their infants and toddlers cool. There are a large variety of shades on the market, but many of them are lacking in some aspect or another. Just this week, Car Lovers Care launched a high-quality shade that fits over the window like a stocking. This unique design will allow air to circulate through the window, while preventing UV rays from coming into contact with your children. The Car Window Shade is suitable for most family vehicles, including cargo vans, sedans, and trucks.

The Car Window Shade is constructed out durable, but very flexible material that provides 100% sun protection. The installation process is extremely easy and guaranteed to stay in place, which is unlike the shades equipped with suction stoppers. Spring-loaded shades have a tendency to break, but the Car Window Shade will not, plus it is backed by the Car Lover’s Care warranty. Consumers receive a free storage tote with each purchase, so they can roll up the shade and store it away.


Whether you are driving long or short distances, be sure to keep your car window clean and clear to prevent obscurity. When utilizing car window shades be sure to install them in areas, where they will not block your vision. The market will continue to expand and the technology associated with automotive glass will evolve enormously. Whether or not consumers are ready for such changes remain to be seen.

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