A List of Must-have and Recommended Accessories for Your Car

Being the proud owner of a new car, you must be ecstatic right now. Very good, and congratulation on buying a new car. But hey, does your car have all the requisite accessories? In case any of the accessories malfunctions, what could you do to fix it? Or should you shell out money for buying a new accessory in the first place, instead of fixing the old one?

We'll cover all these in this article, so stay attentive till the end if you have just bought a new car or planning to buy one.

The first thing you need to understand is auto accessories can be of two types; the must-have ones and the not-so-necessary ones; there's a difference between these two types, which the accessory dealer will never explain to you because he wants you to over-accessorize your car, so you buy from him and he makes more profit.

But we'll help you understand the difference. Let's chart the accessories that are absolutely must for your car;

Covers for the car


If you want your car to make people turn their heads, then a car cover is a must as it protects your car from sun rays that might cause the glossiness to fade away. The rain or snow drops and bird poops could make the car look frayed; a cover ensures the car is protected from all weather situations.

Tire air compressor

Tire air compressor

It comes in really handy if any of the tires suddenly punctures while the car is on the road. You can inflate the tire using the tire air compressor and then drive it to the nearest repair shop. Automotive shops use large air compressors, but the ones that are used on the go are plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car. Such tire compressors are small enough to be carried inside the car.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher for car

You necessarily need a fire extinguisher. In UK, car fire related cases are on the rise. Chief reasons behind car fire are frayed wiring, leaked oil tanker and electrical short-circuits. If you have a fire extinguisher and could keep the nerves steady, then you could prevent a fire that suddenly erupts in the car.

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering Wheel CoverMany car owners consider a steering wheel cover as an add-on accessory; truth is, it's a must-have accessory. If you don't get a firm grip at the time of driving the car, then you'd have problem driving swiftly; if your hand glides at the time of holding the steering wheel firmly, then invest in a good quality steering wheel cover.

Wind deflector

Wind deflector

You need wind deflectors for your car. A wind deflector doesn't let wind and rain enter inside the car even if the window is partially rolled down. The deflectors are alighted to the top portion of the windows; they are custom manufactured and the manufacturers cover cars of all makes and models.

There are car accessories other than the must have ones, described above. Car owners don't need them necessarily, but installing those accessories helps them take a better care of their vehicles. Some of these accessories are;

Floor mats

Floor mat

The carpet in the car could get spoiled due to dust and mud. Cleaning the carpet on a regular basis isn't achievable, so you could use a set of floor mats. This will make your job a lot easier as you just need to clean the mat once in a while.

Alloy wheels

Mercedes-Benz Leichtmetallräder Sommer 2013

If you install an alloy wheel in your car, then its look and feel will significantly improve. Alloy wheels are available in a broad range of size and colors. Other than improving the car's look, an alloy wheel may also make it more fuel efficient.

Art leather seat covers

Art leather seat cover

The car owners don't change the covers for their car seats everyday; that's why their car seats look frayed after a while. Using high quality seat covers ensures the car seats will never look worn out. It'd be best if the car owner selects the art leather seat covers because those covers are of best quality.

Jumper cable


The jumper cable is a useful accessory. In case your car battery is dead, and you can't start the car, the jumper cable could come to your rescue; the cable allows you to start your car by using the battery of another vehicle.

Licensed plate frame

Licensed plate frame

Cherished number plates fascinate many car owners. A personalised number plates frame easily attaches itself to your car, so your registration number is displayed.

Not all these accessories are essential for your car; but installing them means you care for your car. So if you don't have them yet, get them at the earliest.

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