A Guide to Parking Inside

Think your car is safe inside your garage? Take a look inside and answer again. Unless you have an underground bunker, with hermetically sealed doors, perfectly filtered air and a completely empty lot with your car standing in the middle, chances are, your car can and pretty much will get damaged while it’s parked. Unless, of course, you take the necessary precautions.

No, this doesn’t mean upgrading your garage just to keep your car a little safer than before. Instead, you can invest in one single car accessory, that’s pretty inexpensive and affordable, one that’ll last for a long period of time and most importantly: will keep your car in the best possible condition.

The French refer to it as a “housse voiture interieur” but in English it’s just called a car cover. I know; not very exciting, but still effective nonetheless. So, if you don’t have a car cover and were considering buying something new for your car to help it stay durable, then continue reading, because by the end you’ll already be picking out what color you want your car cover to have.

Why We Use It

But color is not the most important reason why so many of us drivers use a car cover. In fact, color is absolutely irrelevant. What is relevant, is what a car cover protects the car from. As stated earlier, you most likely don’t have a garage like the one I mentioned. Instead, you have a little shed or house for your car, perhaps even an apartment building indoor parking lot in the basement.

Having your own garage is great, since you won’t be leaving your car outside in the weather, where rain and hail will make sure you regret leaving your car parked outdoors. But even indoors, where you think your vehicle is safe from all that, is dangerous in its own little ways.

First and foremost, look into your garage. Chances are, besides your car, you also have a whole bunch of stuff lying around, maybe on shelves or worst of all: propped up against walls, waiting to be knocked over. Each and every one of these items can potentially leave scratches and scrapes on your car, chipping the paint, asking you to visit the mechanic and apply a whole new fresh coat.

Instead, you can just get that car cover I talked about for anyone who doesn’t speak French, and be confident that whatever falls on your car won’t damage the paint. Did you know that if you drop an egg on a car and leave it there for a couple hours to dry, the paint will deteriorate off it? This isn’t true with all cars, but this is a big problem and goes to show you how sensitive car paint can actually be.

So don’t take any second chances and buy yourself an indoor car cover, which will let you rest easy knowing that your paint job is perfectly safe. If you invest in a car seat cover, then a car cover should definitely be on your priority list. Sure, it’s not as fancy as spinning rims or a good set of subwoofers, but it’ll definitely be worth it when you can be confident in your car when it’s parked.

Dust and Dirt and All the Rest

But at the end of the day, the car’s paint and finish doesn’t really impact on how well it works. Even with scrapes all over its surface, it’s probably going to work just as fine. However, the same can’t be said about its interior.

Now dust and other dirt particles can get into pretty much any crack or crevice that they come across. If there’s an opening anywhere, they’ll get into it. And while at first dust doesn’t sound all that bad, once you let it build up for long enough, you’ll start to notice its effects.

Dust can find its way into the air filtration unit, the motor and other internal parts. It’s not exactly hard to clean, but many drivers often forget about and leave the dust and let it clog up all manner of parts. Again, at first this won’t be a problem, but leave it that way long enough and you’ll find that some parts need fixing and replacing. This’ll definitely not only set you back financially, but you can also expect to be visiting your mechanic a lot more often.

And even if you do successfully replace a part: know that with every replacement the value of your car goes down, as does its performance in some way. Keep that in mind, while you park your car in the garage for days, as dust settles on its surface and gets into the internals. Dust car covers, designed for storing cars for long periods of time, are a perfect way to keep the vehicle safe when parked.

Thanks to the tight weave of the fabric from which the car cover is tailored, dust is unable to get through, leaving the exterior of the car completely clean. This means that dust and dirt particles don’t have a chance to build up on the surface and make their way through the cover.

As you can see, much like how a car seat cover keeps your seats safe from being torn apart, a car cover keeps your car from taking excess damage when parked even indoors. You may not see much danger in parking your car in a garage, but soon enough, when certain parts start acting up and the mechanic fees pile up, you’ll see how you could have benefited from a single purchase of a car cover.

And the best part about vehicle protective covers, is that they are super easy to come by and can be tailored to fit your car’s precise specifications. All you need to do is send in the measurements and your car make and model. Soon enough, you’ll have your car cover ready to be used.

There’s no losing with an extra layer of protection. So don’t take any more chances and just invest in one yourself.

If you have any questions, please ask below!