5 Most Asked Questions about Brake Caliper Painting

Spot a luxury car, Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini on the road and we all indulge in the fantasy of owning it and as we all know we can’t get that beauty, we somehow try to emulate their look on our own car. One distinct feature of these luxury cars is their colored calipers which are peeking through their phat alloys and technologies and trends have guided us enough about how to imitate at least this feature of these high-end vehicles.

Painting Brake Calipers is a kind of 21st-century thing, though it started in the late 1990s, it picked up the pace in 2000s. Painted calipers give your vehicle a very cool, bespoke, lavish and trendy look, but it should be done right to avoid your calipers from falling in the cheap and tacky category. Here are answers to the most asked questions about brake calipers’ painting, give it a read before modifying your car.

Is it cheesy to paint brake Calipers?

No, not at all … it’s just a misconception that painted calipers will look cheesy, cheap or shabby. If that would be the case, why would Maserati and Lamborghini be dying their calipers?? Point to ponder.

It’s not painting calipers, but not painting them the right way and in the right colors which transform them from being classic to cheesy.

Painting is more suitable for double piston calipers as compared to the single piston, as then unnecessary attention would be diverted towards small caliper. Single piston calipers can be painted in black, silver or gold color for the extra finish and to prevent them from rust and dust.

If you are thinking to paint your double piston caliper, then don’t shy away from colors; if even red is your color go for it. Check the best brake caliper paint variety in the market and pick the color which you have your heart set on or the one which perfectly complements your vehicle.

How many coats will it be required?

THREE – not less than three in any way. People usually recommend that you can apply 2 – 3 coats depending on your convenience but you should not skip one important coat. Painting calipers is no easy job and if you have taken the dare then do it properly. The number of coats will determine the strength and durability of the paint. Instead of applying one or two heavy coats, apply a couple of light coats; ideal for extra finish. Make sure you get your hands on right paint color and right tool kit; else it’ll be a lot of struggle to get the job done.

How much time it’ll take to dry?

I understand you are super excited to bring your transformed car on road and office, but let the calipers dry on their own. Don’t rush or else you’ll be left with messed up and chipped off paint.

After one coat, leave the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes to one hour. Usually, paint coat dries within this duration, but several factors like outside atmosphere, summer, winter or humidity play their part too. After applying all three coats on the calipers, leave them overnight to dry on their own.

Though they will be dried within a few hours, leaving them for 24 hours before reassembling them will enhance their strength and lifetime, more so it’s advised to let the paint hardens for 7 days before bringing car on road. Properly applied and dried caliper paint can last for a decade and will efficiently withstand worst climates and bear challenges of traffic jams without chipping off. Simply get the fact that, the sooner you will put them back in your vehicle, the quicker paint will chip off. And you don’t want that, right?

Can I paint over the previous application?

Yes, you can; if you want to freshen up your previous application or want to retouch the chipped paint then you surely can with help of the available Caliper paint kits.

But before applying the latest coat on the calipers, you need to prep them so that they will hold the paint better. Rough up the area to be painted with help of medium grit sandpaper, this will give some texture to the polished surface and it’ll adhere to the paint better. But don’t be too rough towards calipers or you will be left with chipped paint, keep in mind that you aren’t up for removing the coating but to preparing it up.

How about caliper cover?

Well, that’s an option which you should consider in the last or do not consider it at all. Though the designs and colors they’re available in are much attractive, but the final look which they’ll give to your brake calipers will be Fake, sorry to say, but that’s the truth. They have never been a premium, classic option to be considered for calipers.

If you have any questions, please ask below!