5 Fundamental Maintenance Mistakes Car Owners Should Avoid

Automotive vehicles are machines that go through wear and tear with continuous use. Cars and other motor vehicles need regular preventive maintenance. Regular check-ups help keep your vehicle in mint condition. But aside from this routine, there are certain things you should do or avoid doing to prevent your car from getting damaged.

Here are six of the biggest mistakes car owners make that potentially kill their vehicle's capacity to function at its peak.

1. Ignore the engine light.

A check engine light indicates that something that is wrong even if your car seems to run normally. If you take it for granted because everything seems fine, chances are it will surely break down sometime later on with the problem becoming more difficult to fix. It is always good to address problems as indicators appear. This will prevent the problem from getting worse which, in turn, will cost you more.

2. Disregard tire pressure.

The air pressure in the tires of your car is very important as it contributes to the safe, economical and better performance of your vehicle. Checking the tire pressure is one thing many car owners fail to do. While this might not lead to severe damage, it can result in reduced car performance and eve lead to additional repair and maintenance costs. You should regularly check the pressure of your tires even if they look inflated to ensure their efficiency.

3. Skip oil changes.

Oil change is an important car maintenance routine that should not be ignored or forgotten. Your car engine needs quality motor oil to function normally. Skipping oil changes or leaving motor oil in the car’s crank case for too long can reduce lubricating efficiency of the engine oil. This can cause engine breakdown. You should do oil change periodically according to the car manufacturer’s specifications. This will give your engine a long life and better performance.

4. Overlook fluid levels.

Most car owners assume that engine oil is the only fluid that needs to be checked and changed regularly. While this is true, there are other fluids that need regular checking. Brake or clutch fluid, auto transmission fluid, power steering fluid and engine coolant or radiator fluid require as much attention because each one of them plays a significant role in keeping your car in top shape.

5. Disregard brake conditions.

A vehicle's brakes are among its most important functions no car owner should ever take for granted. It goes without saying that it can save your own or someone else’s life! You should always see to it that your brakes are working efficiently to ensure safety. Have your brakes checked regularly, especially when you detect something unusual like a grinding or squealing noise.

A car can give you the convenience you need in today's fast-paced living. You should take good care of it to make it serve you longer and without much problem. Failing to meet some of the most basic demands of car care, many car owners get stranded on the road and can only wish for trusted car repair services. Finding a car repair, maintenance or towing service is a good solution but going for preventive measures to avoid these car issues in the first place is always the best route to take.

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