4 Aspects to Consider while Buying a Car Fire Extinguisher

ssJust like domestic fires, vehicle fires are regarded as one of the most typical causes behind property damage. Though car fires are not extremely prominent, the rising number of these cases is presently a significant point of concern.

Fires can happen anytime. Significance thus lies in remaining prepared always.

There are several advantages of using a car fire extinguisher. Let's take a look at them.

Engine Fire

The engine fires are not a common occurrence. However, in case a fire takes place, coming with a car fire extinguisher can really prove to be the lifesaver.

Remember that the engine fires are electrical fires and are thus impossible to be treated using the normal household fire extinguishers. Here a specially designed fire extinguisher is necessary that will not just put out the fire but will also bring down chances of further damage.

Fire in the Cabin Area

Fires in the cabin are much more common as compared to the engine fires; as these fires are comparatively more common than the engine fires, they are much more damaging and might cause life loss too.

The car fire extinguishers go a long way in protecting your life as well as that of your fellow passengers; moreover, the car fire extinguishers are not much expensive either given the advantages they are capacitated to produce.

Keys to Finding a Fire Extinguisher

According to the vehicle fire investigation agencies, car fire extinguishers are a significant part of the vehicle safety kits.

The car fire extinguishers are designed specially to address a specific job. Though vehicles are assembled keeping optimum safety in mind, some of their components may cause fire hazards. Coming with a fire extinguisher will allow you to take immediate action and will bring down the chances of damage substantially.

While you choose a fire extinguisher, you need to consider a few aspects. Size is one of the most significant criterions. However, you also need to consider the type, weight, body material, etc.

Here are a few tips to find the right fire extinguisher.

  1. Weight and Size

The car fire extinguisher must be compact. You need to be able to store it in your car without compromising the seating capacity. It must be relatively lightweight as well. Most drivers prefer to use the two-pound cylindrical extinguishers.

Remember that weight determines the size of the fire extinguisher. They are usually categorized on the basis of the fire repellant contained. There are several models available in the market that are small as well as compact, ideal for the personal vehicles.

The commercial vehicles are required to use car fire extinguishers based upon NFPA regulation.

  1. Type

Vehicles present different types of fire hazard. Anything can be a trouble maker, gas, oil, upholstery and electrical wires. Your car fire extinguisher must be able to handle all possible mishaps.

The dry powder fire extinguishers are one of the best choices for vehicles. The fire repellant is rated depending upon national fire classifications.

  1. Body Material

The body material of the fire extinguisher needs to be strong. This will help to ensure durability as well as restrain pressure. The problem here is, some materials are quite heavy. The lightweight aluminum materials are one of the best choices for cars.

  1. Storage Features

Look for the automotive fire extinguishers that come with storage features like clips that allow to mount them under the backseat or the trunk. Make sure that the clip or the mounting system is durable and strong.

Ensuring that you come with a filled fire extinguisher in your car is a necessary safety consideration.

It is not enough to keep a fire extinguisher in your car. You need to know the ways to use it as well in instances of an emergency. Using the fire extinguisher involves getting the extinguisher from the unit, removing the pin, holding the device at chest level and squeezing the trigger to hit the target.

Some extinguishers come with a small hose to aim at the target. The smaller units usually do not have this hose. Make sure you know the way to use the fire extinguisher if such a need arises. It is certainly not a great idea to find out the way it functions in an emergency.

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