Why Promotional Key Rings Are Effective for Advertising Your Business

promotional-torch-key-ringAre you preparing to showcase your business at an upcoming tradeshow and want to ensure that your brand is memorable? Are you a business that regularly sees new or prospective clients, and you want to leave them with something that keeps you in the forefront of your minds? Are you interested in supplementing your marketing campaign with something a little different? One of the best ways to achieve all of these ends is with promotional key rings!

But why are they such an effective form of advertising?

    • Wide Variety
      There are so many different kinds of key rings available today that you will literally be spoilt for choice! Some of the more popular types include: bottle openers, leather, metal, multifunctional, novelty, plastic, rubber and silicon, stress shapes, and torches. This ensures that you can choose a type that will suit your clientele, making it useful for them in ways besides carrying around their keys.
    • Cost Effective
      When it comes to choosing promotional products, especially when you will need to purchase them in bulk (as is the case for a tradeshow), you will be considering the cost. The variety of materials that you can choose from ensures that there is a type to suit every budget and, more often than not, the more you order the cheaper they become. Even if you are only ordering a handful, they are fairly affordable.
    • Highly Customisable
      The advent of printing and laser etching has meant that promotional key rings are highly customisable. You can have your business name, logo and even contact details printed directly onto the item, ensuring that they are always at the user’s fingertips. It is also possible to have the object itself customised, making it into the shape of your logo or even a mascot, to ensure your brand is recognised.
    • Everyday Use
      Most people need their keys everyday – they drive to and from work, they need to unlock their locker at the gym, and they need to ensure their home is secure when not at home. Because of this, these products are incredibly useful and will most likely be used every single day. This is perfect if you are looking to get more reach and visibility for your brand, as they will constantly be reminded of you.
    • Additional Features Whilst this point certainly links with the one above, it is important to consider that your additional features will again improve the reach and visibility of your brand. A bottle opener will often be pulled out of an evening over a few drinks; a torch will often be pulled out of an evening if you’re looking for something; and the possibilities are endless with a multifunctional one!

So, if you are looking for a unique way to supplement your existing marketing campaign, you want to keep your brand in the forefront of prospective clients’ minds or you are about to attend a tradeshow, you should consider purchasing some promotional key rings. As you can see from the points outlined above, they are an effective form of marketing that is sure to be remembered and used well into the future. What have you got to lose?

If you have any questions, please ask below!