The Top Elements You should Remember when Designing and Choosing a Brochure

print designIt may be tempting to think that the humble brochure has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer an efficient marketing tool, especially considering all the modern ways of communication and marketing schemes we have today - but this opinion would be a wrong one. In fact, it's exactly because of all the technological breakthroughs that the brochure is more relevant than ever. Think about it: it's something real, something that can be held and read, something that is given, something that is great to look at. But how do you ensure that your brochure reaches its full potential and does exactly what you want it to do? Here are the top elements you should remember when designing and choosing a brochure:

Grab the right amount of attention

You may be lucky and hand out the brochure to someone who is genuinely interested - but chances are, the person who grabs your brochure will have a short attention span and needs a real attention-grabber. If your brochure fails to pique the interest of your audience immediately, your design may need improvement. Be visually appealing and catch your reader off-guard with an inspiring or bold headline - spur them to read on.

Deliver a great message

The fact is that you care more about your business than your potential customer or client does - that's normal, but you have to take that into consideration. Write with the reader in mind; don't bore them with details which they have no interest in. The reader should feel that their questions are being answered. Focus on the challenges your customer faces; offer solutions to their problems. Furthermore, don't just focus on text. Use graphs, pictures, and other visual aids to relay the message quickly and clearly.

Create a call-to-action

If you've piqued your audience's interest and were able to give a compelling message that resonates with the reader, you've won half the battle - however, a good brochure certainly doesn't stop there. An effective brochure spurs the reader on to do something, and to do it now. Invite them to visit your website or pick up the telephone to call you. Tell them they'll get a discount if they act now. Without a call to action, a brochure is merely an informational sheet of paper.

Play around with the design and don't be afraid to experiment - remember, it's only after a few tries that you can get a feel of what works and what doesn't. Think carefully about the message and put yourself in your customer's shoes; what do they need and want to know? And never forget to invite your audience to contact you. The purpose of the brochure is not just to inform, it's to encourage someone to do business, as brochure printing experts will always tell you.

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