The One Billion Dollars Race

Distributed by 7 seas, living in 7 continents, there are 7 billion people on earth, but every single person has his/her heart beat pacing up when he hears of one billion dollars. From sizzling services to smothering styles, everyone has a dream associated with this amount. Though the figure of one billion has 12 zeroes, but earning this amount requires heroic efforts.

After sepias era of industrial revolution, the economy busted so terrifically that it made the commercializing of even ordinary looking products as a ticket to the esteemed millionaire and then the billionaire club. Even in the past the super rich elite class had many diverse obsessions, either it was golf or hunting. The rich used to be chalk and cheese with the regular public. In modern days too, people have dreamy obsessions after being a billionaire. Many guys visualize building an iron man suit after becoming a billionaire, whereas some daydream of occupying a chilled beer in the ultra lavish British Virgin Islands. Well, what to say some can even request to become captain America or Bat man. But becoming a billionaire is not a cakewalk as tranquilizing yourself with immense dedication requires flesh melting efforts for indefinite time. Concentrating on the term of ‘indefinite time', there are certain examples that can raise your eyebrows and will left you awe-struck because of the contrast in comparison. Here is the one billion dollars race.

The One Billion Dollars Race

source: check out the the original infographic by iFOREX

How will you use an empty tomato can? Maybe you could play street soccer with it. But the creator of Harley Davidson brand used it as a carburetor, and after 86 years the company has struck a billion dollar mark. On the other hand, there lies the Twitter blue bird that touched this mark in just 3 years. Isn't this evaluation a God of contrasts? Well, you can tweet this fact right now. Or, you can Instagram this fact with a pouting selfie, because this picture sharing giant bumped the billion dollar mark in just 2 years, whereas the company Samuel Adams that sells beer over the continent of North America took 25 long years. Another company Wendy's that serves food with chilled beer took 37 long years to complete the big billion race, but the surprising fact is that the elephant of Evernote application just took a mere six years. If we analyse market right now, even six years is a very long time to hit the one billion dollar mark. Internet giants like Yahoo, Pintrest, and YouTube have tapped the billion dollar mark in just 3 years, 2 years, and mind-boggling 1 year respectively. Developed from an idea that no one have imagined to be successful, these above companies have grasped money like selling a Mattel's Barbie doll. Even this doll maker took a silver jubilee to complete its first billion dollars.

Becoming a billionaire can sometime seem very harsh and stiff work, but these examples have positively explained the fact that a brilliant idea can make everything possible. However, after so much of billions around in the above text, you also must have started visualizing the green currency in your titanium vault. This hallucination of building castle in air is not a crime after all.

The billion dollars race fluctuates from company to company, some took generations and some just turned on their Silicon Valley attributes of programming, but the truth is that everyone was solid to make his/her dream a reality. When the belief to conjugate your aspiration does not fluctuate, you can even win billion hearts, with a billion dollars.

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