The Importance of Outdoor Retail Signs


Retail is all about serving the masses. The more people who come through your doors, the higher your revenues are inevitably going to be.

As a business that works in retail, your job is to attract all kinds of customers into your store. There are many ways you can do this, for example you could use promotions, but one great way is to make yourself as visible as possible. If this is your aim, which it should be, you’ll surely already know the value of outdoor retail signs. If you don’t, let us fill you in.


Your outdoor sign is important as it’s going to be the first thing a passing customer sees. Before they’ve had a chance to look at your stock or judge you on your prices, they’ll notice your sign. This means two things: First, your sign has to look visually appealing. It has to present your brand in the correct way. Second, your business signage needs to be visible. If it isn’t, you’re at risk of losing a customer to a business in close proximity whose sign is visible. Passing customers have no loyalty after all. They’re simply looking for what they want and are judging which business is best positioned to give it to them.

Brand Awareness

Storefront signs are used first and foremost to attract customers into your shop. They do offer you another benefit though. They can increase your brand recognition.

Even if you run a small retail store, any outdoor retail signs that you have will be memorized by customers. That’s just how the brain works. Next time they or a friend need something you provide, who do you think they’ll go to? That’s right, you.


If your business is situated somewhere that’s a little hard to find, your sign will make it easier for customers to locate you. Outdoor signs for business come with the distinct advantage of being easy to see.

You may have been walking down a high street yourself, looking for a business. If you couldn’t find it, you probably looked up at the signage to see if you could spot it that way, or perhaps looked on down the street instead. Everybody does this. We’ve become accustomed to recognizing a business by its sign.


As outdoor signage for business is like a form of advertising, it’s important you put in the required effort to get yours right.

No longer is a small, underwhelming sign going to cut it, especially as your competitors are likely investing in more effective signs. If you consider signage returns more per cent invested than all other forms of advertising, you’ll then see the power of having a good storefront sign.

Why not give yours a thorough evaluation to see how it’s performing? Or better yet, talk to the experts today on ways to upgrade what you currently have.

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