How To Choose An Inspirational Banner For Your Business

Emotions are a powerful tool for a company’s marketing strategy. Fear, Anger, Hope, and Joy are relatable to most people and if your marketing strategy is based on them, the chances are people will engage. Another powerful emotion that has proven to be an effective marketing strategy is ‘inspiration’. Creating an inspirational roller banner is a cost-effective, high-visibility marketing tool.

How do you choose the right kind of inspirational banner for your business?

Here are a few tips.

Focus On Messaging

The messaging is key to the strategy around it. This doesn’t change when you consider an inspirational banner. When choosing your outdoor banner printing, it is crucial to understand how to word your messaging.

A great example of this is the 2008 U.S Presidential election message from then-candidate Barack Obama. Rather than the words “let’s make a change” or “there is hope” which were a part of his messaging, he opted for “Yes, We Can” which invigorated the public to believe in the ability to change and inspired them to choose it.

The messaging on an outdoor roller banner has to be:

  • Crisp
  • Catchy
  • Clear
  • Concise

Focus on what your message is and how best to communicate the same. Build a phrase that is memorable, which links to a larger message, and is not too long. Your messaging will be associated with your brand and will encourage brand recall. Remember to space the messaging well on your outdoor roller banner.

Images That Inspire

A roller banner filled with words can be unappealing or overwhelming. Keep the message crisp and short and use the space to provide only relevant information. Many world-famous movements or organisations use images in lieu of wordy paragraphs that might never be read. A powerful image can be more identifiable than a phrase, so focus on designing an image that is:

  • Easy to relate to
  • Easy to identify
  • Attracts Attention
  • Is Related to your Messaging

When you link a message to an image, the outcome can be compelling. Movements like “Black Lives Matter” have proven this time and time again. This can also be seen a lot in sports leagues like the NBA and the English Premier League. Major brands like “Nike” use images along with messaging as seen with their iconic swish and the phrase “Just Do It.”

When designing the image on an outdoor pop-up banner, remember to:

  • Place it in a prominent position
  • Make it a focus of the banner by utilizing bolder colours
  • Link the image to the messaging either under or above it

Build Strong Colour Schemes

No matter the type of roll up banner you choose to use, it is essential that you build it around a colour scheme that is instantly identifiable with your brand. Most companies spend a lot of resources on building a unique and instantly identifiable colour scheme for their brand. Examples of colour schemes being built around brands are:

  • Manchester United
  • Bank of America

Depending on your message, the colour scheme could change. According to colour theory, you should remember the following:

  • Warm colours can be a call to action
  • Cooler colours can be a pacifying call
  • Certain colours like lavender are focused on social issues (Lavender is for mental health, Pink can be for Aids and breast cancer)
  • Some colours represent seasons (Red for summer, White or grey for winter, etc.)

When you choose a colour scheme for your inspirational banner, keep the colour tones in contrast with the background image. Ensure that the wording and image are accentuated by the background and that they don’t clash. The colour scheme should coordinate with the current seasons in order to create a deeper link between the present time and the event or product.


When you consider the points made above about colour schemes, imaging, and messaging, the issue of spacing arises. No banner should be overly cluttered and hard for the client to engage with or understand. So, while the colour coordination is essential and images combined with messaging build brand identity, it is essential to space it out in a manner where:

  • It is welcoming
  • It can be identified while moving
  • It isn’t overwhelming for onlookers

The spacing is an extremely crucial aspect of engagement, especially when you are trying to trigger an emotional reaction associated with inspiration. When spaced properly, it should call on the onlooker to engage rather than it being a forced action. The key aspect of spacing focuses on building a relationship with a target demographic. One thing to remember is not to try to oversell your business by focusing on the company’s name or logo. Inspirational banners often focus on movements, seasons, and events instead.

Bridge The Content

After spacing comes possibly the trickiest part of building a banner – creating a bridge between the content and the company. Inspiring someone to buy, create, or engage with a movement is good, but the goal should be for all that to be done through your company. So, how does this work? A good bridge has to find subtle, nuanced ways to link the content to your company.

This is slightly tricky because the content can have nothing to do with the company. A swish and the phrase “Just Do It” have very little to do with footwear, and an athlete’s image on a Nike banner can be selling virtually anything from sneakers to sportswear. So, how do you bridge that messaging and image to Nike’s brand and product on offer? The answer is through subliminal messaging.

  • Enlarge the item on focus
  • Emphasise on the logo and name on the product
  • Create word bubbles around the product
  • Highlight the product through colours that stand out
  • Dull the colours around the product

These design strategies send subtle and subconscious messages to the onlooker to focus on the product and its link to the brand. This strategy is used by numerous businesses around the world.


The focus of an inspirational banner should be a blend of design, messaging, imagery and a bridge to the brand itself. All these elements should not only be present but should also be spaced well and be approachable for your roller banner to become a successful inspirational engagement opportunity.ű


If you have any questions, please ask below!