Custom Trade Show Display - Create a Distinctive Position in the Crowd

system_2Any company which has attended a marketing event is quite aware of how important it is to stand out from their competitors. Making a distinct impression and getting noticed is a crucial factor that can determine your success in your business industry. Every company is striving hard to seek the attention of all the potential customers that visit the trade show, so what is the magic factor that can help you stand out from the rest? Using a customized trade show display is the best way to stand out and make an impression that will generate solid leads and improve networking payoff.

Trade shows are an expensive venture, but the potential for a solid return on your investment is high. By designing a custom exhibit display you can incorporate elements that will let you stand out, and also give you a display that can work in multiple trade show settings. A custom display doesn’t have to be expensive itself. Working with graphic designs, interactive components and other elements even the most affordable display can make a strong impact on your visitors. What you don’t want to do is use a generic display, your audience will recognize that and the fact that you think your business is generic enough to fit into a generic display isn’t going to be missed. A custom exhibit display can be surprisingly affordable and creates a positive impact.

Key to Design a Personalized Trade Show Display

When you want to have distinctive booth ideas for a customized appearance, there are certain key factors you must take into account. These factors ensure a seamless display.

  • Focus on your brand identity, and build your product marketing strategy around that. While you are developing your booth ideas for the show put the presentation of your brand first - and then present the product. You should always prominently display your company's slogans, logos, colors and its other signature features throughout the exhibit design. Make sure these signature elements are graphical in nature as slogans and catchphrases will change often.
  • With your design partner, strategically think about the look you wish to have in the custom trade show display. There are many options these days to create lighting sequences and to use custom display elements in your total display that will help create a path of travel for your visitor. What you are looking for is to control the experience your visitor has at your display so you can construct their awareness of your business services and products to make your company stand out in their mind. This is detail work, but detail work that can pay off big in the marketing impact it has on your demographics.
  • Booths are generally box-shaped but this does not mean that you have to follow this rule. You can ask your exhibit designer to create different fun shapes for your booth that will still meet the standard floor plan of the venue. Free-flowing shapes, octagons and ovals will certainly make your booth pop out among other organizations. Let your design be daring, and you will gain in the positive perception of your brand.

Above all else, experiment. Try different kinds of displays before selecting the final layout so that your company displays highlighting and complimenting the marketing message, but stands out from your competitor’s displays. You should also consider having a custom portable display made. Depending on the nature of your business and the types of trade shows you attend, this may be the most cost effective way to make the impact you want.

One last thing to consider, creating event displays is a science and art. It can be to your benefit to hire a professional designer partner who can translate your company's message in the most eye-catching way.

Author's Bio: Lauren Taylor Drew can offer great ideas on custom trade show display for businesses. With his ideas, a company is sure to make a splash in the market today.

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