Business Promotion Needs Publicity

MarketingFamous international brands get free publicity every day. It is the return on investment that they have made to get to a position whereby their names or logos are immediately recognisable. If there is any news coming from the parent companies involved, it often results in editorial comment and articles in the business press, written or oral. It has never been a cheap path to arrive at that position of strength and ongoing investment is usually essential to maintain the brand in the public eye. Ordinary companies rarely achieve that status and need a marketing budget in place and a strategy to promote themselves and their new products.

Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt that the Internet has become an important part of every company's marketing strategy, other than those that trade on a purely local basis where everyone knows of their existence. The World Wide Web has allowed businesses to reach a wider audience. It takes more than a mere presence of course; there are many websites that no one ever accesses.


The development of a website and its visibility is a mix of technical skills and hard work. It is usually something that is either outsourced, especially for smaller companies, or given to a dedicated member of staff. The marketing budget also includes the advertising material such as leaflets, brochures, and banners and flags that can be used to dress venues at promotional events. Such events can be held to aim at that ‘free publicity' by inviting members of the media in the hope that the event will be worth some free publicity.


When it comes to banner printing, it is a specialist job that not every printer will want to undertake. It is worth looking around to find a specialist company that regularly does banners and can provide a range of designs. Before finalizing the artwork, it is worth thinking about different styles of banner. Some banners may hang vertically at the sides of a central point and others may be the horizontal backdrop to a stand or a presentation stage.

If a company has an important announcement of any kind, including perhaps a product launch, it is possible to get its message into the public eye by providing an invited audience with a press release to form the basis of the meeting. Banners can ‘dress' the venue for increased impact. Whether the tactic will work will be dependent upon the impact the news makes and whether the guests feel it merits publicity. It will vary from case to case, but it is a valid strategy for companies to adopt.

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