Best Ideas for Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant_in_Bdv_Montparnasse_ParisOwing to the huge number of restaurants in any city of the world, the competition that exists in the market is fierce. You have to give it your best if you want to be successful. Here are a few techniques that can help you in increasing the visibility of your restaurant online:

Foodie Photos

Instagram is overloaded with foodie photos that look absolutely delicious and mouth-watering. If you want to promote your restaurant in the online world, you will need top-quality photos of food items that are truly drool-inducing. You can put these up on your websites, your social media pages and blogs to draw those hungry eyes. An Instagram presence is an absolute must in this regard.

Loyalty Programs

Partner with some of the online food apps and take part in the loyalty programs that offer some great discounts or free purchases to customers who visit your restaurant a certain number of times.


Create a yelp account and dress up your profile with lots of photos, menu, price range and details about your restaurant. A few positive reviews on Yelp can create wonders for your restaurant business. Also, make it a point to respond to these reviews regularly.

Setting up Your Google+ Account

Google+ account is very important as maximum potential customers will use Google to search for your business. If you have a Google+ account, Google will provide your details on the side bar on Google's Knowledge Graph.

Geo-targeted Ads

Local is truly the name of the game when it comes to restaurants. People always look for places to eat that are close to their homes. As a restaurant you have to invest in Geo-targeted ads. This will work very cost-effective in the long run.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to send your restaurant newsletter on a monthly basis to all your customers. Share with them any special offers, discounts, events or any new items you may include in your menu.

Promoting UGC or User-Generated Content

You can have a content page dedicated for UGC and ask your customers to put up pictures of their favorite meal at your restaurant. You could even offer a free appetizer for a lucky contestant selected at random. This will help in increasing the loyalty of your customers and they in turn will bring to you newer customers every now and then.

Focus on your service

Excellent service by smiling staff is something that is going to bring you lot of good reputation for your restaurant. Happy workers are noticed by everyone.

Monitoring Your Social Media Presence

A Strong social media presence is something that will make your restaurant come across as one of the best in the food industry. Setting up an account on Facebook and Twitter and putting up some photos, offers etc. are not the only things you need to do. You need to keep up with the activity that is happening on these sites.

Remember to share any positive news that may appear on the newspapers or magazines: Sharing such things on your website, social media pages and even on your restaurant notice board can give you good reputation and increase your business.

Starting a Blog

A blog is very much necessary for every business that wants to create a strong online presence today and this applies well to restaurants too. You can share anything you want on your blog, be it recipes, some funny stories or stories about your success or struggle. This is a great way to engage with your customers.

Create your Brand identity

Find out who your target patrons are and develop your brand, keeping in mind their interests.

Using any or all of the above tips can help you market your restaurant in the best way possible. However, you need to put in efforts to maintain your position in the market for a long time to come.

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