Are Promotional Products Worth It?

promotional productsSo your business has been up and running for a decent length of time-enough to wonder whether you should start venturing into new aspects of marketing. While there are plenty of options out there, one you may consider is promotional product marketing. It is a way of giving away items that have your company logo on them. But is it worth it? In this article we will explore the many ways that we can answer and affirmative "yes" to this question; actually promotional product marketing is one of the most effective branding methods. Not only do promotional gifts remind your customer or clients about your business and keep your name top of mind while they have the product, but it is also often much less expensive that other forms of marketing or advertising that can be easily forgotten, such as radio or television ads. A large investment is not necessary to get started to test out how something like promotional pens, promotional gift bags, or any other of the large variety of options available in branded merchandise might work for your company; there is always going to be something available that can help make the connection between the gift and your company. Some promotional gifts can add personality to your company and tell customers more about your company values; you can show that you are into the environment with recyclable products, or that you care about their safety by investing in a type of promotional product that will keep your customers safe or protected. In addition, promotional products will put your company in good favor with the recipients since everyone loves getting a "free gift". Here are details on some of the reasons why you should give promotional product marketing a try.

You are more likely to capture the interest of your customers and clients.

If you are giving free items to a customer or send a "thank you" item to a new client, you are capturing their interest. You are more likely to leave a lasting impression when you are giving away these items. This is especially important if you are a new business; it helps you get your name out there and helps make a good impression on new customers and keep them coming back for more. Research has shown that customers are more likely to be interested in your company after receiving a promotional product.

Here is a very interesting videos on promotional products


Great giveaways for contests.

My favorite items to giveaway to customers, even as part of a little contest I am hosting, are these types of quality promotional products. Contests are a great way to drive people to your website or bring window shoppers into your store. Of course, if you are running a contest, and giving away a promotional item as your prize, you will want to have a higher end gift, and maybe even a package such as an iPad case and stylus pen, or a promotional bag filled with other promotional goodies.

People stop by your table at the trade show.

Traditionally, promotional products are used as giveaways and displayed at the booth to attract trade show attendees to come over and learn more about your company in exchange for the promotional item. The key is to have a desirable promotional item to entice shoppers. Probably not as many people will be as interested to come over for a free pen, but a more unique item or a useful item should definitely do the trick. Branded water bottles or trade show bags customized with your name will surely be more enticing to trade show attendees. Not only are people coming by, it is also a unique opportunity to practice your elevator pitch. Can you capture the attention of someone in three seconds or less?

Having your business go in the right direction is a wonderful feeling. Promotional products are a big step to promote your company and get your name recognized. Give a promotional products campaign a try and you will not be sorry when you see the results in branding, name recognition, and repeat customers.

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