4 Promotional Ideas for New Businesses

Small-Business-AdvertisingOpening a new business always comes with one massive obstacle: obtaining enough customers to stay in business during the first year. Most new businesses fail within the first twelve months, making it important to gain loyal customers quickly. Once the customer base begins to build, the business finds it much easier to yield profits. Gaining those first customers can be quite the challenge, requiring some creative promotional planning on the business owner’s part.

Grand Opening Flyers
Flyers advertising the grand opening are a quick and easy way to raise some interest in the business among potential clients. Flyers are best to disperse a few days before the grand opening of the business. They can advertise any other promotional events, such as a cook out or competition. They can also highlight special opening sales, rewards programs, and a sneak peak of in stock merchandise or offered services.

Grand Opening Party
A grand opening party could involve a cook out with free food, fun and games, bouncy houses, and live music. It all adds up to a good time for local families who are looking for free, child-friendly entertainment. Bright feather banner flags in front of the business can help advertise the big party or opening. No matter what, everyone loves free food. Stopping in for the food will make the local residents aware of the business that is opening and what it has to offer.

Social Media Contests
Social media contests have picked up a lot of steam in the last decade. Deep discounts, gift cards, gift baskets, trips, free clothing, and more can all be given away. The more the prize is worth, the more attention social media will generate. A $100 gift card is nothing to just glance over, especially if it only takes a few minutes to enter a contest. This could result in thousands of shares, email sign ups, website hits, or even store visits.

Gifts for the First Customers
One fail proof form of promotion is offering a special gift to some of the first customers. Usually, the gift is offered to the first 25, 50, or 100 people who come through the door. It could be a T-shirt, small store credit, food, or miniature gift basket.

Getting the word out about a business is always most important when it opens. If the store can generate enough buzz during its first few months, it is likely to sail through unscathed in the first year. People are always curious when a new business opens, so it is important to lure them in before the novelty dissipates.

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