Author: WayneHaskell


Workplace Accident Prevention Tips

Preventing accidents is everybody’s job. These prevention activities have a huge payback, both financially and in terms of morale. Be extra cautious when using toxic substances. If allowed to enter the body, they can cause damage to your nervous system, bones, or reproductive organs. They can be inhaled as […]


Individual Decision Making

We are all faced with many choices every day. Some are easy and others are tough. Dealing successfully with the tough issues is a skill that will reduce stress and save time. Here is a step-by-step process that will help. LOOK AT ALL YOUR OPTIONS If the problem is […]


How to Create a Motivational Environment

One of the great misconceptions is that you can motivate people. You cannot. Think about motivational speakers. Is the company really any different after they speak than it was before? Probably not. The enthusiasm was based on pure emotional energy, not on a change of mindset. It is not playing […]