Author: Julia Littlewood


Introduction to Product Photography [Infographic]

Product photography could come in handy in endorsing a product. Products such as handbags, jewelry items, electronic equipment are first photographed and then the photographs are showcased on the company website to let visitors know what the company has in store for them. Product photography requires a high resolution camera, […]


Key Guide to the Wonders of Peridot Gemstones

Those who delight in something a little more unique than the usual suspects when it comes to gemstones will absolutely want to buy stunning peridot jewellery. This gem features a gorgeous spring green or olive green colour that stands out for its strikingly fresh appeal. The following guide will give […]


Guide on Buying Opal Jewellery

Opals stand out for featuring a magnificent array of shiny hues, complete with iridescent flashes that capture the eye when they are seen from different angles. The beauty of these superb gems is that each stone is unique. If you're looking to buy opal jewellery, the following guide will give […]


Buying Tips for Tanzanite Rings

There are few gems with such a vibrantly outstanding hue than tanzanite - these stunning gemstones not only stand out for their intensity of colour, they are also highly prized as they can only be found in one place in the world, namely Tanzania, East Africa. The following guide will […]

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Jewellery Buyers Guide to Diamond Earrings

Since their discovery in early times, diamonds have been one of the most alluring and sought-after gemstones in every culture - one only has to set eyes on their outstanding shine and sparkle to understand why. The following guide will explore some interesting facts about these stunning precious gems, as […]


Jewellery Buyers Guide to Tanzanite Bangles

Found only in one place on earth, tanzanite is arguably one of the most vividly stunning gemstones on earth - its brilliant blue lustre is truly a sight to behold. The following guide will explore some interesting facts about these outstanding gems, as well as outline some top buying tips […]