Author: Melissa_Burns

Data security

Top 5 Internet Threats and How to Deal with Them

The Internet certainly fabulously evolved over the last couple decades, becoming intertwined with various spheres of life and making it convenient as never before. Data storage, family and business communication, telecommuting, shopping online, ordering things to be done in governmental agencies - the list goes on and on. But where […]

Business planning

5 Ways to Become a Better Entrepreneur Quickly

Some entrepreneurial skills can only be acquired from experience - no amount of education, advice and suggestion will help you acquire what is called business acumen. It only comes from doing business, making mistakes, learning new ways of doing things, dealing with people and market situations. However, there are methods […]


SkyScraping as a New Word in White Hat SEO

Everybody who follows the evolution of SEO more or less closely knows that new revolutionary techniques, methods, approaches and ideas appear in this environment with exceptional regularity. Some turn out to be fakes, some exploit weaknesses in search engines' algorithms that get rectified as a result of this abuse, still […]