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The Conservatory-Your Private Paradise at Home

In essence, conservatories (also known as sunrooms in North America) are designed to serve as your favourite plants’ sanctuary. Depending on the adjustments you make, the glass rooms can provide the perfect conditions for various plants and flowers. But apart from a safe house for your interior flora, conservatories are […]

velvet chairs

The Velvet Renaissance in Interior Design in 2014

Velvet… Any associations? Personally, I always think about Italian Baroque, about the excessive luxury of the Louvre, about damsels in distress and noble knights (or more likely about their castles and gowns). For centuries, this magnificent fabric has been a symbol of affluence, a trademark of the rich and the […]

Toddlers in daycare

How to Make Transition to Daycare Easier

In our economy it is tough to be a stay-at-home parent. In most families, both parents need to work at least part time to make ends meet. Therefore, most toddlers get into daycare. No matter how good the facility and the educators, the transition to daycare can be stressful to […]

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