Author: KarenCole


Things They Didn’t Tell you about Employee Monitoring

Keylogging software programs are often seen by employees in a bad light; employers who choose to implement employee monitoring systems are sometimes seen as control freaks or even tyrants simply because the employees do not completely understand the reasons behind employee monitoring and the benefits it offers to the company. […]


5 Foods that Must be Avoided by a Diabetic Patient

With diabetes, food choice matters a lot. Watching what one eats becomes like death and duties-unavoidable in order to stay healthy. Being diabetic doesn't mean that special foods and complicated diets are necessary. With natural home remedies diabetes treatment and control is possible. It's making healthy food choices and keeping […]


Different Ways to Lose Weight

There are lots of ways to lose weight. Today you will actually be surprised to know that there over a hundred ways to effectively shed off fats and be perfectly fit in no time. But there is one common denoinator among all these ways to lose weight and that is […]