Author: Chantal Theoret


Can You Risk Supporting an Affiliate Program?

There is an over-abundance of affiliate programs available. All eagerly invite you to participate. If you like, visit AssociatePrograms.Com. Allan Gardyne has the most comprehensive list of programs I have seen. Almost 3000 of them at the last count I noted. And he reports thoroughly on each, as information becomes […]


How to Build an Effective E-Business Strategy

There are four key issues that apply to most organizations. The following issues can be viewed as a prerequisite to building an effective e-business strategy: 1. Identify measurable business objectives. 2. Define costs and impact. 3. Align IT architecture. 4. Identify value propositions. Identifying Measurable Business Objectives Implementing an e-business strategy […]


Basic Elements of an E-business Model

The emerging e-business market affords companies of all sizes and types the opportunity to leverage their existing assets, employees, technology infrastructure, and information to gain or maintain marketshare. For example, in the telecommunications industry, service, rather than technology, is now the key differentiator. With lower barriers to entry, new competitors […]