Author: John Atkinson


Small Garden Ideas

Most citizens of London live in small flats and often say that they don’t have space for plants. I’m about to prove them wrong, showing them how to make their own small gardens even at home. There are a lot of fresh and neat garden design ideas, which will inspire […]


Interesting Pieces of Furniture

Nowadays, it is very easy to find extravagant and interesting furniture. One can make his home interior amazing with only a few creative furnishings. Those can be pricy, though, and not everyone can afford designer furniture. Anyway, I intend to show you how to break boredom in your house, and […]


Creative Carpet Designs

Do you want to make your place more interesting and add an unique item to your interior design? Have you every thought of getting a customised carpet? Do you want to see a few creative rug designs, which will always impress your visitors and will add some kind of a […]


Types of Carpets for Your Home

Choosing a carpet for your house is a very responsible and hard task. You have to be careful to pick a rug which best fits the rest of the interior in your home, and to your way of lifestyle. It is also very important to choose a flooring which is […]

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