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Diamonds: an Introduction [Infographic]

Diamond signifies commitment, love and beauty. It holds a special place in every woman’s heart. Due to the amazing beauty and rareness of diamond, it has been used in jewellery trade from a long time. The story of diamond is truly fantastic. although it was discovered in 19th century in […]

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Types of Women Shoes [Infographic]

Choices of shoes vary from one woman to another. While some of them love to wear heels and wedges always, some find themselves more comfortable in flat pumps or sandals and flip-flops. With this amazing infographic, created by Cocorose London, we are sharing information about the types of shoes. Go […]

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History of DJing [Infographic]

At the age of just 16, Ray Newby was the world's first radio disk jockey. He began to regularly play records on a small transmitter while he was a student at Herrold College of Engineering & Wireless in San Jose, California. The world's first DJ dance party was held with […]


Know Your Personal Gemstones [Infographic]

Jewelleries have been worn by men and women since a long time as a part of customs and cultures as well as for adorning their body. It is interesting to note that people choose their gemstones as per their sun sign and their nature. Apart from buying gemstones for yourself […]

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Top 20 Things to Recycle and Reuse Today [Infographic]

Lifestyle choices in every household are getting more sustainable and the consumer packaging industry is equally affected. A prime example would be the leading fashion brand, Gucci. Gucci has launched a drive for using 100% recyclable packaging since 2010 by signing up with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Gucci's initiative […]


Beautiful Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are the symbol of love, commitment and beauty. Here with this info-graph, brought to you by AG and Sons, we are sharing brief information about the diamond shapes you love the most. Shared by