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Are You A Creative? You Might Need A Lawyer

As a creative, you're probably more interested in your art and aspects of design and expression than you are in the legal system. But for some creatives wo are innovators in every field, such as writers, photographers, video producers, musicians, designers, artists and even architects and engineers, a knowledge of […]

Travel and living

Tips for a Great Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel can be a great way to reward, encourage and motivate your staff for their ongoing commitment, endeavour and results to your business. Using travel as the basis for the incentive program provides an opportunity for staff who participate to network and engage in a new, different and unique […]


3 New Year Home Makeovers

Welcoming in the New Year might also mean a new look for your home, and if that's what you're thinking you'll want to know all about the new trends in home decoration coming into 2016. The New Year is a time for renewal, so why not take this opportunity to […]


4 Tips For Better Relationships

Relationships with those dear to us add meaning and value to our lives, so it's important to support and grow those relationships with our friends, partners and families. Over the years, the initial connection and relationship we may have had with those dear to us can fall apart a bit […]

Green tech

7 Sources of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy includes energy sources that will never deplete. Coal, natural gas, and oil are processed by many nations to supply energy needs, but this creates a long-term problem for relying on these unrenewable fossil fuels. Because they are finite resources, gradually the fossil fuels will become scare and very […]


5 Bright Ways to Promote Your Brand

It is not so hard to get your customers to tell about you to others. It will happen when you "wow" them with the services and products your business offers because they stand out from other competitors. Sometimes it just takes a simple conversation. Handing out a promotional gift is […]