Author: Katie Smith


5 Benefits of Training Your Employees in Fire Safety

Businesses often spend a huge amount of resources, time and money in employee skill development and other related training programs. Amidst all these training programs, they often miss out on a very important program which could have actually saved them from facing devastating consequences. Yes, I am talking about “fire.” […]


Importance of Fire Safety for Employees

The defining moment of human civilization was the discovery of fire, which resulted in harnessing of fire and heat energy for cooking, lighting, heating, creating tools, to name a just few uses. Gradually, humans discovered the numerous uses of electricity and now we use electricity in almost all of our […]


What to Look for in an Expert Witness?

Thanks to the popularity of serials such as ‘Law and Order’, the expectations that jurors have from expert witnesses are very high. Regardless of whether you’re on the plaintiff’s side or on the defense’s and regardless of the type of case you’re handling – petty theft or accident investigation – […]


5 Common Causes of Truck Fire

There are various incidents of commercial trucks catching fire. Truck fires have turned out to be quite common. Truck fires have affected numerous lives and properties over the years. Usually, truck fires are direct consequences of accidents. Such fire situations get aggravated because of the fuel of the vehicles involved […]


Steps to Take to Prepare Your Employees for Fire Safety

While business strategies and operations hold major importance, ensuring safety of the employees is equally crucial. Every workplace comprises major fire hazards. This is especially true for industrial worksites that deal in combustible materials like oil, gas etc. All employers should implement the necessary steps to ensure that their staff […]

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Common Causes of Workplace Fire

Every year fire claims numerous lives and damages several properties. Of these, workplace fires are quite common. There is a host of fire risks at workplaces. From failure of equipment to human errors, there can be various causes of workplace fires. Therefore, employees need to be trained in effective measures […]


Steps to Take While Documenting a Fire Scene

A fire accident is hazardous. Be it a car fire, a residential or a commercial accident, fire accidents can amount to massive damage which may include destruction of property as well as loss of lives. There can a variety of causes of fire. While some may be attributed to household […]