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How Technology Can Manipulate the Brain

The concept of brain manipulation has been in many films and literature. The idea that the mind could somehow be manipulated through technology was nothing more than a fantasy, but this is no longer the case. Modern times have caught up with science fiction, and technology-based brain manipulation is making […]


Designing a Bathroom for Him and Her

More homeowners are wanting to increase the size of their bathroom when sharing the space with their significant other. His and her bathrooms are an ideal option for those who want more elbow room when it comes to bathing or getting ready in the morning. To design a space that […]


5 Steps to Properly Track Sales Goals

It is almost impossible for a sales team to be successful if it is not tracking how it is reaching its goals. You should be able to answer questions such as “how many conversions did you have this week” or “how many cold calls did you make this week.” Having […]

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5 Musts When Building a New Home

For prospective home builders, building a new home requires a lot of patience and planning. In order to get it right the first time, there are several essentials that you should be aware of. Keeping these factors in mind when building your home will allow you to get the most […]