Author: Caitlynn Skyler


Easy Tips to Design an Outdoor Room

How you plan on designing your house’s outdoor space is an entirely personal decision unlike the inside of your house which has designated rooms for different purposes. Outdoor living is a major part of our everyday lives. There are various ways to design your outdoor living space depending on your […]


Clever Ways to Decorate a Small Patio

Decorating a small patio can be quite challenging. A small patio does not have enough scope for implementing certain great ideas. However, the good news is, with a little bit of creativity, you can turn a patio, no matter how tiny it is, into an exquisite outdoor space. With the […]


5 Excellent Outdoor Party Themes

With the summer in full bloom, it is time to take the party outdoor. Planning an outdoor party does not require much hard work. With a little creativity and the right tools, you can host a stylish, amazing and most importantly, memorable outdoor party. However, one of the major areas […]


How Can You Design Your Deck

Decks aid in utilizing your courtyard completely. It serves as a space where you can entertain the guests and spend some time with your family. Planning occupies a significant part when deciding to construct a deck for your home. Deck serves in the form of a landing space separating the […]

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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Christmas

The holiday season is here and Christmas is almost reaching us. Christmas celebrations seem incomplete without the right home décor. The Christmas spirit is in the air and is evident in the numerous decorations adorning the shop windows and the light mood that people seem to be in. As much […]


Outdoor Storage Solutions for You

Outdoor storage has always been an issue. In fact, storage, in general, is quite an issue. Usually, there is trouble as soon as it comes to storing the cushions, tools, outdoor cookware or the pink lawn flamingos. An ongoing problem with multiple solutions, it's tough to find the best. The […]