Author: Alex Strike

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Short Stories of Famous Writers

"I’ve killed my grandmother today". This phrase was used by Theodore Roosevelt to attract the attention of his distracted interlocutor. The ability to say a lot with minimum words, to provide a food for thoughts, to awaken feelings and emotions is the highest degree of professionalism and the highest level […]


Can You Speak Like a Real Professional?

Being an expert of something, you must admit the necessity of giving some speeches from time to time. It may be some conferences, lectures, public speeches in front of your colleagues, presentations, or just a piece of advice to your friend. It's not easy to give a speech, if you […]


Leadership Tips for Introverted People

Congratulations to all extroverts: you rule the world! Well, society thinks so at least. So, you are welcomed to continue doing that and skip this post, as it is devoted to us, shy introverts, who dream of being good leaders but believe they are not loud and charismatic enough to […]


IOS and Android Apps for Cats

A smartphone is pretty personal thing, but a tablet is not the same, and it is frequently used by several people at the same time, sometimes a whole family. "If you allow your husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother or child to use your tablet, why not to give this right to […]