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Benefits of 3D Rendering in Architecture

Today, the advancement of technology has marked its territory in every sphere of life. Architecture is not exclusive. It is getting a new shape with every passing day. The modern techniques that are changing the course of architecture are innumerable. The recent game changer in this business is 3D architectural […]

Society & Culture

Weird Architectures throughout the World

Several examples of awesome architecturally ambitious structures are there throughout the world. Such buildings along with demonstrating the finest architecture also are unique in some ways. Though most of us do not understand the technicalities of architecture, yet some constructions astonish us. Here we have picked up a few examples […]


How People Perceive 3D Printed Objects?

The modern generation is now quite accustomed with 3D movies. They are not startled to see through the 3D glasses when a human figure seems real or a spaceship almost takes them for a journey through the galaxy. But, are they similarly comfortable to accept the 3D printed products in […]


Things Conveyed By an Architectural Rendering

While creating an architectural rendering, you definitely think about what you actually want to convey. Well, you create a rendering taking into account of audience. A specific type of rendition aims at appealing to review board and another rendering type may appeal to your client base. The key idea behind […]

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