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Why Install a Photo Booth at an Event?

It hasn’t been long since you would be thinking about a lot of options while planning an event, but never thought of photo booths. Yes, photo booths were primarily meant to engage audience. However, with the passage of time, the tasks of these photo booths have changed as well. Yes, […]


5 of the Wackiest Party Ideas for Kids

The kiddo parties are definitely one of the hardest things to organize especially because you seldom get a confirmed idea as to what your kid wants and what s/he doesn’t. It’s therefore advisable to ask your kid about his/her preferred ideas on basis of which you should act accordingly. Anyway, […]


How To Host An Amazing Vintage Tea Party

Everybody loves a trip down the memory lane. Why don’t you incorporate the same idea in your upcoming kitty party? Give your guests an opportunity to take the subtle trip down the history lane. Here’s how you can host an amazing vintage tea party. Be realistic with the number of […]