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Fireplace Chimney

Fireplace Chimney Mistake Alert: Are You Making These?

Your fireplace is an asset that increases the value of your home substantially. However, significance lies in understanding the potential hazards it presents. There are several owners who unknowingly make grievous mistakes while using the chimney or the fireplace. Make sure not to light another fire before ascertaining you are […]


Must-have Fireplace Accessories

Winter is here and fireplaces in all homes are all set to have the first fire of the season. Just like every fireplace needs a proper maintenance plan to function well, the right accessories can extend its usefulness to a great degree. Fireplace add-ons are good investments to accentuate the […]


Cost of Roof Replacement and Shingle Types to Choose from

By home renovation, most people understand decorating the interior-placing furniture from one corner to another, repainting the walls and installing recessed lighting. While they all qualify as home renovation, exterior works are more important than interior quick fixes. A leaky or damaged roof needs to be quickly replaced. The more […]


Buying a Chimney Crown? Here's what you Need to Know

Chimneys, especially masonry chimneys require caps or hats. They are also called crowns. The crowns are available in the market. But homeowners can also construct them from scratch. In this article, I'll discuss chimney crowns. The commercial chimney crowns are not always properly built. Most of the times, they are […]


Common Causes for Chimney Leaks

A fireplace in your home is a very adorning addition, but the issues accompanying it can be a real pain. One such problem involves a leaky chimney. A chimney leakage can be a very common and annoying problem in the household. This is because, if your chimney shows any signs […]


Greenhouse Gases and Eco-Friendly Chimneys

Every homeowner wants to install a safe and eco-friendly fireplace. The environmental impacts of using a fireplace are bothersome for the homeowners because of toxic elements and harmful components might release in the air and harm the environment. To get rid of the negative effects of a fireplace, a homeowner […]