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Data security

3D Secure 2.0. What Lies Ahead?

Digital commerce is by far one of the fastest growing parts of payments, with endless connected devices becoming tools of payment. Nowadays, customers have the largest options of payment methods ever, whether it being from a computer, a mobile application or other. However, what happens when you go for an […]


Modern Aviation Requires Concerted Maintenance

Keeping All Systems In Order Systems that are put together with all attention eventually devolve into a status of defunct non-functionality. This happens for a variety of reasons, entropy chief among them. It doesn’t matter how well something has been designed, how much care has been put into its manufacture, […]


Costa Mesa Moving Companies

Costa Mesa is a beautiful city located in the Orange County, California. Recently, the city has been ranked among the top worldwide cities that offer the best moving services to its clients. This has made Costa Mesa to receive plenty of positive reviews and testimonials from clients all over the […]