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Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas

Since the whole concept of the formal living room is to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome for gatherings, everything in this room needs to be carefully chosen to impose a positive impression to everyone visiting your home. The design concept differs from an informal one because it aims […]


Using Rugs To Transform Spaces

When you think about decorating your home, some elements automatically spring to mind: furniture, paint colours, general décor. But there’s also something else that can dramatically (and often inexpensively) transform your whole space, which sometimes gets overlooked: rugs. A thoughtfully chosen and well-placed rug can do wonders for your […]


Is Your Management Style Working For You?

When you are driving your business forward, it can be hard to find the time for reflection and evaluation. To work as efficiently and effectively as possible, you need to continually update how your business operates and how each individual can contribute to your business goals. As part of this […]