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Interior Design Trends in 2014

This year was an interesting one for interior design. The order of the day was vibrancy, with bright yellow, stunning pink and vintage patterns dominating the biggest shows of the year. Designers were encouraged to experiment and employ a mixture of fabrics and patterns to stimulate the senses. The good […]


Which bathtub is more comfortable?

A bath is an essential body care item in every person’s life. In addition to its direct purpose, it helps to abstract from unpleasant sensations, remove accumulated negative emotions and just take a break from everyday worries. Since it is one of the main components in the interior of the […]

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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Building Projects

Industries of all types are attempting to “go green” at the moment, falling in line with global calls to curtail the environmental catastrophes which await if climate change is not addressed. Construction is no different, with sustainability and eco-friendliness being integrated into a number of new building projects completed around […]